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EURONEWS - Interviu Vlad Filat

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Moldova became independent from the Soviet Union in 1991, but Russian forces remain on Moldovan territory, supporting the Slavic majority population, mostly Ukrainians and Russians who proclaimed the area the Republic of Transnistria. Vlad Filat leads Moldovan pro Western government. When he visited Luxembourg, Euronews talked to him about planned earlier elections, about solutions, about solutions for Transnistria and integration with Europe which he says is an absolute priority for his government Prime minister, from here in Luxembourg, how do you see your country, the Republic of Moldova? Do you look at it differently? It looks different from here, from Luxembourg, but of course, it doesn't mean that we don't have to do vigorous progress I say that it looks different because from here one sees the problems my country and its citizens have, one sees it all in detail - if you like. At the same time, being here in Luxembourg, I see that the Republic of Moldova has a very clear European perspective. That's due to the constant endorsement we receive from our European partners. Was the Republic of Moldova affected by the financial crisis? Is it still feeling the effects? It has been affected directly by the financial crisis. But I have to say that our country has been affected more by the lack of measures which are normally put in place during a crisis. And that failure is due to the former government. One of the issues you've discussed in Brussels is being Transnistria. What's the possibility of resolving this problem? The Republic of Moldova, together with its partners is participating in a process of negotiation. A process which is not at all simple

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Posted by: focusnews on Jun 19, 2010

EURONEWS - Interviu cu Vlad Filat , Premierul Republicii Moldova, 19 iunie 2010 / EURONEWS - Interview Vlad Filat, Prime Minister of R. Moldova. 19th of June 2010

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