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Jacque Fresco - Free Society, Planned Obsolescence, Cultural Artificiality

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In an operative culture, if you have a true democracy, where every point-of-view were discussed; from religion, non religion, atheist, agnostic... Until you have that, you don't have a free society. Whenever you have armies and navies, they are there to protect an established culture. In a sane society, or one we would have intelligent life, there are no police, no prisons, no armies, and navies. They are unnecessary. They consciously withheld efficiency. They will change the hike on the cars every year, Then add real safety devices into the car. In other words, the future will launch the best product we know how to turn out at this time, designed not to wear out, not to break down, not with planned obsolescence. See? In a monetary based society, you plan to sell things. You don't go into a highway store and buy a chain socket. That was designed 60 years ago, the same damn thing. Why change it? So in some industries, if you design things not to wear out and break down, that saves a hell of lot of energy for the whole world. So, you see, in today's society, we are inclined to be artificial, make false claims, in politics, in the sale of goods, in the sale of services, many false claims. That is why there is fine print. Now, why it's defined there? To intent to conceal, that which is not profitable. So, I would say you live in a society based on profit and deception. So you think profit and deception are... To maintain scarcity, and to mean, so that you have to buy a new washing machine, a new refrigerator, a new this, a new that, or changes the hell out of length of skirts, high in the form, lower, so you have to buy new garbage, new clothing. Fortunately, most men, when times is bad, wear a suit, the same thing. But women are always in the state of change. Who does this? Why is that done? Why not design comfortable clothing that people can wear all the time? Why they get it changing? When you get married you have to wear tuxedos. When you get into divorce, no tuxedo. In other words, why should you wear tuxedo when you get into a divorce? Because most people liked to separate when they don't get along. In other words, the whole idea is ridiculous. If you examine this culture, and i suggest you don't, but look into the future. Because this culture is nothing but, a system that is fraudulent and erroneous decisions put together on a large scale. Of course, it's better than things used to be, not because we live in America, because of the innovation and technology. Artificiality in Culture - You know, and so, the whole thing became, money already existed rather than ideas, and making the world a better place. The world happen to be a better place due to inventions, but they were not made to make the world better. They were made for money. And so, i think we are walking into the wrong tree. That's all. I felt that i never liked businessman, stockbrokers, i said you don't like them because they thought in terms of how to make money, what they didn't, what they do. Advertising was in the same way. A sociologist couldn't get a job, except teaching, and the pay was very low. So, the sociologists come in jobs in the advertising industry, what makes people want to buy this or that, you show a movie actor getting into a certain car, you know, you show a movie actress wearing a new t-shirt, whatever the hell is this. They knew what it was that motivated to sold them, sold out. Is that being a sociologist? They became manipulators. You know what i mean? And so, monetary system is so tempting, you know, "leave me not in temptation", the whole system is leading people in temptation. It's the power of scarcity? You got big tits? No. We make tits that stick up. And so they will pump shit and then you make tits stick up. They make your skin look smoother, little elements that shrinks the skin. So, that night the guy will give you the wedding ring, or a proposal. So people became in such a synthetic society, you know? People wash their hair and they found they couldn't date women, you know, they become very concern, i found it since i lost my hair, i had more dates and more girlfriends than ever. It wasn't the hair, it's meeting the needs of the other person. Is a scientific approach? Well, i would use scientific only because it is the best tools that we have as yet. Right. Would also, once a scientific approach means in accordance with universal law. Now, universal law is fixed, the planets and all are moving according to laws. They don't move. The earth does not turn. It was turned. In other words, the moon doesn't do the travelling around the earth. The moon is propelled around the earth by resident forces. You follow me? So, once we are in tune with those forces, and the realization of that, we become, crudely speaking, more realistic in our behavior, more relevant in our behavior, to existence, rather than improvise behavior, which they say, well, you get marriage, you have a ceremony, you wear white things, all of these are artificialities. The artificialities of civilization, monumental these artificialities are. And that is what causes our major problems, the artificialities. The future would have no artificiality. They will be phased out with the acquisition of knowledge. And so, people are together because they wanted to be together, there is no marriage that is scientific, nothing like what we have today. This is just whole thing is a shame to a future that is sane. So, you get mad, not at the world, but on what you have projected should be. Well, a couple just get married, and their car is hit by a Mack, and it explodes. He says i just come married, i think it is unfair. Whatever happens is real. If an earthquake kills 4000 people, it's real. But if you design a city that can flect with an earthquake, that is a better chance of diminishing human problems. Do you follow me? subscribe, thanks!

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In these out-takes from "Future by Design", Jacque focuses on the concept of a free society, planned obsolescence, and artificiality.

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