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Perfect How are you doing Martin, you crazy italian prick? Well you cheap bastard, I should have known you were coming. I was having such a pleasant day. Yeah, what you are doing, use some poor blind guy out of his money? Giving the wrong change? Who is the nip? Oh, he is a pussy kid from next door, I'm just trying to man him up a little bit You see kid? Well that's how guys talk to another. They do? Well, you got shit in your ears? Now go on out now, and come back in and talk to him like a man. Like a real man. Come on Al, come on. let's get your ass out of here. Come on back now. Sorry about this. What's up you old italian prick? Get out of my shop, before I blow your head up. You goddamn dick. Go! Jesus cries, holy shit! Take it easy, take it easy. What the hell are you doing? Have you lost your mind? But...but.. that's what you said! That's what you said men say! you knew that you just don't come in and insult the man at his own shop, you just don't do that! What if you met some stranger, he get the wrong one, he's gonna blow your gook head right off. What should I have said then? Well if want, you could start with the ''Hi or hello'' Yeah, just come in and say: '' Sir, I'd like to have a haircut, if you had a time. Yea, be polite, but don't kiss ass. In fact you can talk about the construction job that you just came from. And pitch about your girlfriend in your car. Umh..son of a bitch I just got my brakes fixed and those sons of bitches real nailed me. I mean they just screwed right in the ass. Yeah, don't just swear at the guy, just talk about people not in the room. You can pitch about your boss making you work overtime when it's bowling night. Right, or my old lady bitches were two goddamn hours about how they don't take expired coupons at the grocery stores. And the minute I turn out the fucking game, she starts crying how we never talk See? Now go out, come back and talk to him. And it ain't rocket science like I said. Yeah... but I don't have a job, a car or girlfriend. Jesus.... I should have blown his head out when I had a chance! Yeah, maybe it's not so okay. I want you to turn around and go outside and come back. And don't talk about having no job, no car, no girlfriend, no future, NO DICK, okay? Just turn around and go. Excuse me sir, I need a haircut, if you ain't too busy you old italian son of a bitch prick barber. Boy, does my ass hurt´╗┐ from all the guys at my construction job! fuck man...

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Duration: 3 minutes and 8 seconds
Country: Finland
Language: English
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Posted by: mafiaboss on Mar 3, 2010


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