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Responsive Behaviour When a person begins to experience a decline in cognition, the brains ability to process information, and appreciate what is happening in the environment decreases. Behaviour can be triggered by things in the residents physical or social environment or by something going on intellectually. For example loud noises or inadequate lighting can be triggers in a person’s physical environment. Mirrors can also be distressing if the person does not recognize their own reflection. A person’s social environment consists of the people in their environment, and what they are doing. Responsive behaviour can be the result of the resident’s reaction to other people in their environment. For example someone talking loudly, tapping their foot or laughing could cause a resident with dementia to act negatively. Care staff need to be mindful of their approach to a resident as well as what other people in their environment are doing. Also dementia often affects the part of the brain that controls threat perception the amygdala. When this happens it becomes difficult for the person with dementia to distinguish between threating and non-threating situations. They may miss interpret the actions of others. Therefore people with dementia may have a fearful reaction to a non-threatening situation, such as someone attempting to brush their teeth. Remember if a resident with dementia perceives their environment to be threatening in any way it will be more difficult to provide care. Be sure to provide an environment that is calm, quite, and positive. This type of environment will make a resident more receptive to most types of care.

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