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Make flexible objects

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A spring, a spring is a wonderful thing! and so is a flexi... primitive object In Second Life here is how to make your own Right Click the ground and then create, right? Click on that, and then... Click on the ground again, and then how 'bout we choose flexible path from the features tab right here. This woul relaxed and massaged, make it also flexi goodness. But I want to Right Click in edit again to show you the fact when I hold down Control and Shifting make it tall, tall boy!, come on, tall prim. Watch it arised above the ground So then when you move the prim, notice it is a flexi, flexi, sexy prim! XD And you could adjust the softness of it. Observe what happens, observe how softer it becomes You can also change the gravity, so it falls down like a limp nuddle or is restored to its magnitudes of health You can also adjust the drag, and what have? this things are best observed in motion. And by the way, I also down a classic out source: my "how to make a flag that waves in the wind" video tutorial, check it out for a complete construction kit. And speaking of wind, you can have the wind affect “the flexi Prim”, the super, virtual, natural forces of Second Life on action You can have forces with six arc particular angles for greater control Note that not all the prims are elegibles to become a "flexi, sexy prim" only some of them like a cylinder can be too... but not a sphere, must have open end like that. So, we can, we go! `'ill be we go wonderful tastic So, go ahead and texturize and colorize ... But how fun overall with I, "flexi, sexi prim". Wiii!

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Posted by: valoma on Jun 27, 2009

How make flexible objects on Second Life

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