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Jacque Fresco - A Vision For Humanity

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Jacque, what is your vision for the future of human kind?

It's very different than anything you've ever seen in Hollywood My vision is that we have the possibility Of building a world without poverty, hunger War and all the other problems that confront society today, we can solve all of those problems It's just a matter of time and it wouldn't take that long it would take just a few years from the time The people say "GO" if they agree with the direction The direction differs from the way you were brought up. I'm not appealing to you. I don't speak to you to win approval. I speak to you to tell you what the problems are that we face and in a nutshell It's Paradise or Oblivion We're either going to destroy one another, the earth in nuclear war or economic deprivation so what I offer is a possibility for all the world's people and protection of the environment and that essentially calls for Differences on the way we conduct human affairs. I would say that In order for us to survive. We have to bring all the nations together and we don't do it with the American Way or Democracy we have to do it in ways that they understand it. I believe I understand the necessity of Adjusting to many different values in order to attain a world of peace and harmony with nature In other words we are not separate from nature. We're part of it What happens in nature affects us if we destroy the oceans and the atmosphere We destroy ourselves So the answer to the future problems A very simple... actually it's not complicated We must declare all the Earth's resources as the common heritage of all the world's people And we must remove all the artificial boundaries that Separate people now if you don't like what I'm saying. That's your problem. I do not control the future I'm just telling you where the problems are so I'd say that all aberrant behavior Behavior that we don't like is produced by our society by scarcity and deprivation All wars are based upon retaining the values of your culture as is the Successful people of your culture they put out there What kept them in power and when people run for political office They say things people like to hear But the basic idea is "don't change anything, we like things the way they are" You cannot achieve social Nucleation - that is the bringing together of all nations and yet retain all your private values which you've gotten over the years I want to say this precisely, that all our language is very old we learn this language hundreds of years ago So it's almost impossible for people to talk to one another we have to develop a language that has uniform Interpretation such as Mathematics, Chemistry, structural engineering. When engineers talk to each other they talk about the characteristics of metal. What metal can stand and compression, torsion, tension, compression. So when engineers talk to each other they understand each other if bridge building and designing was subject to interpretation You couldn't build a bridge that would stand up. so what I'm suggesting is that we use engineering scales of performance first we have to do a survey of what the Earth's resources are, how many factories, arable land, and Maintain a population in relation to the carrying characteristics of the earth's resources not some opinion of a group of senators or politicians. I'm making this statement to help clarify things all politicians are cerebral insufficients They don't have the information necessary to stop wars. They don't know how to increase the agricultural yield in fact They don't know how to design building, bridges, or ANYTHING Related to the physical needs of people their system was great a hundred years ago, but today it's obsolete and if we wish to build a new world we have to base it upon a survey of existing resources and maintain a population in accordance with the carrying capacity of the Earth We also have to have the intelligent management of the Earth's resources And that can only be done to the scientific method No matter how sincere politicians are if their decisions are not based upon verifiable testable evidence is worthless So again, I repeat, we have to develop a language that has, that is not subject to interpretation Now let me give you an example of that when you read the Bible some people say well This is what Jesus meant another person is "No He meant that" and a third person has another interpretation So you have the seventh-day Adventist, the jumpers for Jesus, the Catholics you have all these different denominations because the Bible is subject to interpretation Whenever senators get up and speak. They usually say nothing, have nothing to say This is the greatest country on Earth God bless America. We hope for total employment No process level, no description of methods for solving problems So what I hear on the part of most people is their inner most urge for peace and goodwill to all people, but no way of attaining that How do you increase the agricultural yield? How do you prevent Tsunamis? These are common problems to all people - Tsunamis Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and earthquakes killed millions of people so what we would work on in The Venus Project is problems common to all people and bridge the difference between nations so that survivability or such notions as survivable, not for General Motors or Bank of America or America or any other country our concepts are for all the world's people To bring them up in the best the cleanest environment that technology can provide it is not a technology to control people all that technology would control is a production and distribution of goods and services it will not control people Now what I have to say about the future is that we fail to accept responsibility for our own future Others will do our thinking for us sometimes referred to as fascism. That is the message. In a resource-based economy We would make all the resources of the world that is the nations that join us Available to everyone there would be no scientific elite or technical elite or any other type of elitism There'd be no heroes all people would be trained or educated to understand our relationships in nature if you violate that relationship It won't work all man-made laws are artificial We have to study our relationships in nature if we damage the air We damage ourselves, if we damage the oceans, we damage ourselves If we cut down the forests we damage our ability to maintain health, so I would say that the history of Civilization, that's a ruthless history of men killing other men for no other reason than your God is different than mine, and they kill and murder and torture Always the same story the history of civilization is the history of ignorance and I would say Every University in America although better equipped than they've ever been in the past our wars are getting worse the bombs today at thousands of times more devastating than the bombs of the past So what good is all this technology? If you don't have the wisdom to use it to enhance the lives of everybody Anything less than that will not work trying to patch up this system is artificial. It's crude It's vulgar it is old. It doesn't have any answers as long as the monetary system survives You're going to have problems with money. Yes, it does produce incentive it also uses incentive for corruption, embezzlement and also taking care of your friends and Taking care of yourself when people seek advantage by money You can't have a decent world when you have Wars and people make millions of dollars selling submaries on top of billions of dollars and aircraft carriers then war becomes a terrific business is really a racket when they Conscript a person to offer their lives to defend this country They should conscript all war industries so no one makes a buck out of war then it's real I've never known the war of that kind

— Jacque, can you describe what your future would be like?

— The future people would study whatever they wanted to study, maybe art centers music centers, cultural centers Open to everyone without a price tag There'd be no banks. No investment brokers. No advertising No commercials. No armies. No navies No prisons and no police when humans have access to the necessities of life They do not steal if you don't understand that Imagine people living near a big waterfall with fresh water lots of it. No one comes at night and steals water when people have access to the necessities of life they do not steal. This system is one of increasing debt, human suffering and also Freedom the word "freedom" means you're responsible For whatever you do I say that people are not responsible I feel that if normal people were raised as babies by the headhunters of the Amazon They would be headhunters. If you took a Jewish baby and raised them in Nazi Germany by a Nazi family he would be a Nazi that people reflect their culture if you don't understand that People raised in Italy speak and use their hands when they speak same in France "Come on, eat' is'a good'a to food" But that is not a unique quality of the individual That's what he picks up from his environment if you're raised in Ireland say you're Spanish And you raise this baby in Ireland you'd say "That's a fine Irish lad he's taken good care of his family, the finest Irishman as you can achieve" Surely all that they say is picked up from environment so when you're a Southerner brought up in an uneducated region of the South you say "I'm go' git' me a nigger and I'm gonna kick his ass" all that is reflective of culture there's no such thing as the individuality all they talk about: "Will there be placed for individuality?" "Will there be a place for tradition?" if traditions serve useful purposes? Yes, if they're obsolete and irrelevant, NO

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Part of a series of raw unabridged conversations with Jacque Fresco - director of The Venus Project. The footage was shot between April 2010 and September 2010 in the cities of - London, Eindhoven, Bristol and Glasgow - during The Venus Project World Lecture Tour 2010.

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