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Multisite Phenomenon

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels Multisite Phenomenon The multisite phenomenon has swept the world more pervasively than any other single church trend that I have seen in 15 years. This may have started in North America. But multisite works globally. I have seen it all over the world. It is astounding. It operates on a simple premise. If you have a church and this church has the components to make it 'rock.' you can take some of those same components and open another expression of that church with those 'rocking' components. Giftedness, teachers, worship style and strategies. Predictably you will get a similar reaction over here because if it congealed to be positively combustible here you have to believe it will work here as well. It is similar to the franchise model in the business world. If you have a fantastic restaurant here you take the recipes, chef and all the stuff and see if it can work there. This is the video model that I am talking about where original programming, most of the same strategies but probably the same preaching that happens here also happens via screen there. It is working all over the world. When it does not work is if this is a sick church here and to get it well you will launch this church over here which will be sicker. It takes a healthy church to plant a healthy multisite. I watch pastors who think if their church is sick the solution is to plant another one. No, that is exactly backwards. It is fix this. Get this church 'rocking' here. Then there is a much higher probability that this one will 'rock' over here. This is pervasive now all over the world. We have six multisite or regional sites. If you think about it, in the Chicago area where the demographics are congruent or continuous. We have six campus pastors who get the same signal. In other words, if I preach a message the message goes to these sites. It is the same message. Some of my campus pastors will leverage the signal 1, 2, 3, 4 fold. Isn't that fascinating. We have a site of 1000, two in the 2000 range. We have one that will break 3000 soon. We have a newer one at 600 and in remote location. What I am saying is with the same signal the difference is the capacity of the leader. You would think that all things being the same the multisites grow similarly. They grow closer in congruity with the capacity and giftedness of the campus pastor than any other variable. Which shows you the power of leadership. Someone can take my sermons and show them once, twice or more times.

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Producer: Willow Creek Association
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Posted by: landsm on Dec 12, 2014


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