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What I now want to show you is how to add participants to the class. So we have a class set up here, it's an omnia class, 32 minutes on our custom timer, no music. Fine. But we see we're waiting for participants, so we've got no one in the class yet. So, what I am going to do is just pass this heart rate monitor to Annie, just need to switch that one on, make sure we can see that blinking, it's activated, I'm just going to get you to put that on to your arm for me. And this will only start working once it's switched on and is against the skin, so the alarm of these heart rate monitors needs to be worn over an artery so it's over the brachial artery right now. So we're going to pick up some kind of heart rate and here we go, okay, so we can see Annie's details now displaying on the screen but right now they're in a kind of a greyed-out mode with a little pink heart and a plus. This is an icon that indicates that we can add the participant to the class and that's all we do, just tap on the little plus. Annie's now here, she's in the class, and we're good to go, so you'd do that for all of your participants; it takes all of a few seconds. Now we're ready to start the class and on the screen we can see we've got a display. So, right now Annie's in the blue zone which is the rest and relaxation zone, up to 60% of maximum heart rate. So we know she is pretty relaxed, standing still, not doing much. We can see the heart rate displayed there. If I want to change the data that's being displayed I can do that. So I can see I've got my big screen, I've got my timer clicking away. If I don't want to see the timer, I can just go to use the data. Now all we're displaying is Annie's data up there, which is perfect for a demonstration. So what we're going to do is just illustrate the different kind of metrics that we can display on the screen and also take you through the zones in terms of the heart rate model we use. So I can display up here a percentage of maximum heart rate, which is customized for the client. Or, I can share you how many calories have been burned or how many moves have been accumulated during the exercise. And we can see right now that's very low because Annie's standing still. Okay? So, what we'll do we'll just put that on to the the calories, why not, and we're going to get you just to start doing some activity for us, so if you just gently, perfect, jogging on the spot, and hopefully what we're going to start seeing if I flip it on to heart rate, is that heart rate is creeping up, yes, we can see the heart rate creeping up over time. Please continue. And what we're going to do is get into our green zone at some point soon. Yes, so our heart rate's continuing to increase, continuing to increase. Very nice. Okay, we're over 100 beats per minute now. So you don't need to work any harder, just keep going at what you're going. I think it's going to catch up with us, and we're in the green zone, perfect. So we can see now that we're over that 70% maximum heart rate which takes us into the green heart rate zone which is the purely aerobic heart rate zone. So, if we start bringing that into high knees, perfect, thank you, and that's going to continue to move up, oh, we've actually leapt through the yellow and into the orange zone, so slow down just a little bit for me. You're going too hard too soon. Okay. So the yellow zone would be our aerobic zone there, at 70 to 80 percent max heart rate. And that one again is going to be a higher-end steady state aerobic training zone. And then when we come into this orange zone that we're in right now, that one is more of an anaerobic threshhold, so we're kind of 80 to 90% maximum heart rate right now. So this is where we're going to hit anaerobic threshhold, okay. So, to illustrate the final heart rate zone, which is our anaerobic heart rate zone, what I'm going to get you to do, Annie, is really just push it, so just a real sprint on the spot now, hard as you can, we're going to try and drive that heart rate right up into our maximal zone which is over 90% maximum heart rate which is going to be purely anaerobic energy systems, so you won't be able to keep it going for long, faster, faster, faster, really drive those arms, really big arms for me. That's it, heart rate is coming up keep going, keep going, keep going. Okay, fantastic. So, as you can see guys, Teambeats is a fantastic way to monitor the accurate heart rate of all of your participants during the class. So, as the instructor, it's allowing you to know that everybody's safe, everyone's working at the right intensity, taking recovery when they need it and pushing themselves hard when they should be.

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