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Apple Sweaters_CC1R

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Welcome to Our Co-Taught classroom … Check it out! Teaching in the classroom night and day. Colleagues walk by and they say: "Are those apple sweaters?” They are apple sweaters. Bought some bags—one for you and for me- and they match our outfits perfectly, wearing apple sweaters. Teaching together is not so tough and parallel, team and set stations up We don’t teach with one, we teach with two, that’s just what co-teachers do We plan lessons with such ease and record them down in books just like these. And if you really want to know a little sumpthin’...This partnership is fueled by lattes made with pumpkin! Planning as a duo & drinking some “bucks” You know what’s in a row? Our co-teaching ducks! In our matching sweaters. It’s so great to work as a pair. We even sit in the exact same chair. We love to share this job, it’s safe to say In fact, we share most everything from day to day. And in case you didn’t catch it, we both do it all; we make sure one ain’t teaching while the other’s in the hall. We know we look great in these, but still we change them regularly. Bouncing in the lounge? That’s where we go. We grade in these things—A fine looking duo. Benefits of co-teaching? What can they be? One: You can teach more inclusively. Two: Someone in the room when you have to pee....Excuse me! and Three... I don’t know I just.. you know I just feel like Co-Teaching is so excellent. I mean you add such an energy to the classroom and we differentiate so well together. We meet so many children's needs when we are working together. I just feel like, you know, the possibilities are endless in this world. So…all of this to tell about a book that is hot We should know cuz we wrote it and we like it a lot. It’s all about co-teaching… We give you 30 days to learn how. Teaching with two is really great...We remind each other to hydrate. It’s hot writing books…in our apple sweaters. Well we think that maybe we should look at quiz about who should read our book… A. Anyone who likes to co-teach B. Anyone who reads at beach. C. General education teachers D. Special education teachers E. Administrators F. Related service providers G. Anyone who likes 30 day challenges H. Anyone who has ever heard of co-teaching I. Anyone who can use co-teaching in a sentence J. Anyone who works in a school K. Anyone who has been to school L. Anyone who says “it’s co-teaching I love” Well the answer is (M) All of the above. Our apple sweaters—look so cool; but if that ain’t your thing we got snowmen too. That’s how much we like it—teaching as a pair; we almost bought matching underwear! We teach ‘em in these sweaters. In these matching sweaters. Here’s to hoping you are so inclined to read our book…it’ll BLOW YOUR MIND! And you could get an apple sweater! Matching apple sweaters... Visit our websites to learn more about sweaters, co-teaching and inclusion…and sweaters.

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Posted by: greenclockfilms on Aug 10, 2015

Apple Sweaters_CC1R

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