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La Tierra Habla - versión larga

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The history of mankind has many chapters... in each passage of our history, our ideas are shown. Rational or irrational, these ideas have been defended by humans... whom has been willing to die for them, and in some cases, to kill. He also has set limits ... boundaries that, in defending them, conflicts arise in humanity. However, it is fascinating to think that the whole history of humanity ... from the earliest cavemen to the space age ... Everything, absolutely everything has happened in one place. All the places you've visited, your whole family ... everyone you know, every book you could have read ... Every poem, every laugh, every tear ... All have taken place here. Here... Perspective is a powerful tool. The perspectives may change. Perspectives can be altered. From the perspective of SETI, we live in a very fragile island ... in a universe full of possibilities. The perspective of individual who can be varied to the following questions: Who are we? Where we come from? Is it possible that matter and energy manifest in other forms of life? Is there anyone else out there? Are we alone in the universe? In a vast cosmos as we know it ... think that we are unique, it seems selfish. As Carl Sagan said "it would be a terrible waste of space." But what if we are not alone? What if, out there, there are others asking the same questions? What if others also raise their eyes to the heavens ... and see the same stars that we, but from another point of view? Would it change the perspective that we have of ourselves? The stars are nuclear ovens ... that transforms simple matter into complex matter. And in space are synthesized the molecules that form life ... whether we were born in Mexico ... in China or a distant planet across the galaxy. Will we be able to detect other forms of life different from ours? SETI does not assumes that there are extraterrestrial civilizations ... however, and against the odds, admits the possibility of their existence in this vast universe. What does SETI? SETI uses the tools given by astronomy ... to examine carefully the radio signals through space. And in this way, try to find evidence ... of other technologies if they exist. We know that there are signs of intelligence that travel through space; our own technology is already evident at interstellar distances ... and it is possible that of others too. SETI designs search programs ... that can detect radio signals from space. This is the most efficient way to communicate over the distance ... and if other civilizations have discovered it ... probably they communicate through them. Sounds crazy? Life is more tenacious than scientists figured at first. The discovery of "extremophiles" changed our perception of ecosystems. Today we know that there are organisms that can live in ... totally inhospitable to us. In environments of high temperature and pressure next to thermal vents on the ocean floor, or frozen in ice, flourishing in boiling acid, or in the water used to cool nuclear reactors. These extremophiles show us that life ... can develop in environments largely different to ours. Now let us make an exercise counting possibilities. Our Sun is one of the 400 billion stars in the Galaxy and now we know that there are other stars who have their own planetary systems. More than 400 planets have been found outside our solar system ... some almost as small as Earth, and stars with multiple planets at once. Let's be skeptical and assume that all planetary systems ... in our galaxy except ours-... are lifeless. We would still have more than 100 billion galaxies ... accumulating 10 to the 22 stars. What does this mean? Imagine one billion stars in a sheet of paper ... and put it on the ground. Now, put enough paper sheets ... each one with one billion stars ... on top of each other ... until completing 10 to the 22 stars. If we did, we would end up building a tower of paper ... so high that the last page would be ... More than 6 million kilometers tall! This is six times farther than the moon! Are we alone in the universe? We do not know, but even if the possibilities ... of finding extraterrestrial life were minimal ... the number of planetary systems is so high that it's worth the effort ... be alert to their presence. Some will ask: "If intelligent life is discovered beyond Earth ... Should we respond? " "And if so what should we say?" Thus "Earth Speaks" was born, a tool for ... share with humanity, the message we wanted to direct ... to our "stellar neighbors." "Earth Speaks" is collecting messages from all over the English-speaking world, and now, Spanish speakers can also participate. You can send your message via text, picture or audio, as you would ... to deliver to an inhabitant of another world. You can request a form in this hall or enter the site ""

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Duration: 5 minutes and 47 seconds
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish (Spain)
License: All rights reserved
Producer: La Tierra Habla
Director: Pablo Lonnie Pacheco - Lourdes Cahuich
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Posted by: lcahuich on Aug 16, 2011

Descripción del proyecto "La Tierra Habla" del Instituto SETI

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