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Australian Aboriginals: Aboriginal Assimilation Policy [no subs]

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Australia's indigenous population, the Aborigines, have suffered racial descrimination, the removal of their homelands and the destruction of their traditional way of life. Auber Neville, Comissioner for Native Affairs, 1937: " The problem is one that will eventually solve itself. There are a great many full-blooded Aborigines. They are not getting enough food, and they're being decimated by their own tribal practices. In my opinion, no matter what we do they will die out. " The population of so-called 'full-blood Aborigines' is rapidly being out-numbered by those of mixed descent. It is planned that eventually all will be absorbed into white society. For forty years, the government follows a policy of assimilation. Many children identified as 'of mixed descent' are removed from their families and placed with white foster parents or in church Missions and orphanages run by whites. "We have the power to take any child from its mother at any stage of its life. I have no wish to break up families but other aspects must be considered beside sentiment. We must weed out the light-coloured children." In 1949, Millicent is taken from her family. I was so afraid and unhappy. I didn't understand what was happening. I was four years old. That night, we would cry ourselves to sleep. It was the last time I was to see my parents. Tens of thousands of children, both those identified as full-blood and those of mixed descent, had been sent to institutions for assimilation. Many are subjected to brutal treatment. Philip Prosser: " Every little thing you did was a sin, and you were punished. They hit you with anything they could get hold of. I was accused of something I hadn't done. I was given six across my arms, and flogged from my shoulders down to my legs. All they contributed to our future was an unrepairable scar of loneliness, mistrust, and hatred-- --cares that have been with me all my life. On leaving school, many Aborigines suffer from unemployment, depression, addiction. Welfare authorities will take many of their children away from them. 1997: after a hundred and five years, Britain hands over the rule of Hong Kong to China. "Now Hong Kong people are to run Hong Kong. That is the promise and that is the unshakeable destiny." At the stroke of midnight, the Union Jack is lowered for the last time. In The Daily Mail, Alan Massie: " Now it really is the end. A few islands to small and poor to manage on their own may still be coloured pink on the world's map, but with the return of Hong Kong to China, the lights of the Empire have been extinguished. What then is the legacy? The 20th century saw the British Empire reach its greatest extent and might. But two World Wars weakened Britain's power. In just twenty years, most of the empire was handed back to its people. Many of those who served the Empire are proud of the legacy they left behind. Diplomat's wife, Joan Alexander, was in Africa for ten years. I know the popular image of old colonials is gin-swilling so-and-sos but it wasn't like that at all. I honestly feel that we were doing something. We felt we were making a contribution to the country. The growing generation should seek out those colonial men and women who have a tale to tell, because, whether they liked it or not, they followed the flag and did their duty. Education, technology, sport, law, and democracy... All are positive legacies of empire. Commonwealth countries which once oppressed their indigenous peoples are striving to redress the wrongs of the past. In 1992, Australia's Prime Minister, Paul Keating, acknowledged the suffering of the Aboriginals. " We took the traditional lands and smashed the traditional way of life. We brought the diseases and the alcohol. We committed the murders. We took the children from their mothers. We practiced descrimination and exclusion. It was our ignorance and our prejudice. "

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