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Bugün TV

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There is a new country waiting to be a part of 194 countries of the world. Its name is Liberland, the country of freedom. It is yet to be recognized as a country. But it is known as a neutral zone in records. Its self-declared President is Czech Republic citizen Vit Jedlicka… He started to ask for support, making visits to countries and political parties. He is trying to establish a country on the piece of land he calls Liberland… …and declared himself the President of the country. But he couldn’t enter his own country. Even though he wanted to enter his own country, Czech citizen Vit Jedlicka was taken into custody by the Croatian police on the grounds that he crossed the border illegally. He was granted controlled permission to cross into his own country after he was released. It is a tiny, difficult to locate piece of land stretching 7 kilometres, located in the middle of the world map, between Serbia and Croatia. Its name is Liberland. Though it is yet to be official, this is how they name the country. Known as a terra nullius, a neutral piece of land, Liberland is striving to become a country. We’ll become the freest country in the world. Defining his country as the third smallest country in the world after Vatican and Monaco and declaring… …himself to be the president of Liberland, Vit Jedlicka, hoists the flag of Liberland. It was one of the last places in the world... We started walking this path following an ideal similar to the foundation of the United States of America. Travelling countries for the recognition of Liberland, Jedlicka… …has visited Turkey to secure the support of LDP. So-called leader who has been extended support, launched a press conference with LDP. It is very important for us to secure support from LDP and the Turkish government and to establish good relationships. He goes to Croatia and they say “the piece of land doesn’t belong to us… our borders with Serbia are already drawn". He goes to Serbia but he couldn’t locate such a land in their land registry. His creating a liberal country similar to freedom-loving countries has grabbed our attention. If he can make any contribution to the spreading of liberal values in Europe or in Turkey… …I believe that that would be helpful for us. Jedlicka states that they have received more than 300.000 citizenship applications from several countries around the world… …and he plans to accept 5000 citizens in the first run. But they are very selective. We don’t want racists, people with criminal records or radical communists. Our constitution was created with the participation and the common decision of everyone. Let’s say if the country has been recognized by all other countries. How can Liberland succeed, economically? There are many business people who promised us investments. They promised support in amounts ranging from $5M to $20M.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 56 seconds
Year: 2015
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Posted by: on Sep 27, 2015

Bugün TV - Turkish Channel tells about President Vit's visit to Istanbul.

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