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AskeGuneko babesaz, herri harresia eraikitzen

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Good evening everyone First of all, we would like thank you all Thank you for coming here this evening Thank you to all the people who are participating in the human fences Thank you to our families, partners, friends and militants who are spending hours and hours in the so called Free Space (Aske Gunea) Thank you very much. Thank you to the social agents, individuals and all the people for the contributions they are making Thank you, it is an honor for us. Full of rage, we would like to give a warm hug to Ekaitz Ibero from our hearts he is our friend and he was forcibly arrested by the Basque Police even if we tried to avoid it. We also are the young prosecuted from Donostia. We also are the young prosecuted from Donostia. For us the model are all of you, you are the people who is building this national support and the human fences you all are behaving full of dignity, thank you very much, your's is the model and ours the people! Free Space, Free and Legal They can come with their clubs, their helmets with their shields and all the armies, but we won´t move from here We will keep on resisting, together with our people It won't be easy for them to take us, we won't let them do so with all of you, for you, thanks to you, thank you very much! Long live for the Basque youth! Spain has ordered to arrest eight young from San Sebastian for six years, only because of their political ideas. It is time to say that enough is enough, and we have decided to build a human fence. We won't let them arrest this people.

Video Details

Duration: 3 minutes and 40 seconds
Country: Tokelau
Language: Basque
Producer: AskeGunea
Views: 1,074
Posted by: askegunea on Apr 15, 2013

AskeGuneko babesaz, herri harresia eraikitzen

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