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How to bypass Internet censorship? – The Future of Circumvention

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In the future, the scenario for circumvention could get a lot worse. Because right now a lot of countries do their own censorship, now if a lot of countries with a lot of resources dedicate more resources and cooperate in censoring, than the sort of arms race that we have now will be accelerated. I guess an interesting proto-question is whether there is something that would somehow break us out of the cycle. Where somehow people would just stop censoring the internet. Or somehow some tool would just work in all cases. At the moment I don't imagine a way for that to happen. On the other hand, recent events have meant that more people are aware of internet censorship and are aware that circumvention tools, especially ones that you can donate bandwidth to, let you help people across the globe and that's a very attractive option. Imagine an Iran that the dictators are not ruling any more. So definitely we will have more Internet freedom. I won't say that there will be a totally free Internet, but much more free than what it is now. There's a lot of talk-about-tools that solve everyone's problems but there will never be a magic bullet. Even if there is this technologically perfect solution, there are social ways to get around things. No matter how private your communications are, if you tell somebody else about what you're doing, someone that you can't trust, then no technology is going to save you. I hope the future of circumvention is enabling more people to have access to the Internet. To communicate what they need to do, what they need to say. But also, I hope there is another future which is: In order to get to that point, we need actually a lot of software development. And awareness. Of what circumvention is and what the possibilities are. I think the Internet itself is the magic bullet. It's actually changing the world, even if you censor it. And this is what the repressive regimes know much more, much better than anyone else in the world. So look at their reactions, what they do. And what are they feeling about it. In the future there won't be any magic bullet that solves all your circumvention needs. But there will be many tools which work for maybe just one small community, and so which are very difficult to block. We don't have the perfect solution. And it's not good to trust someone who says that they have the perfect solution. It just doesn't exist. I think the magic bullet for this whole area is for people to be nice to each other. For governments and organisations to allow people to communicate freely with each other. I mean that's the magic bullet. Definitely.

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Country: Germany
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Posted by: bypasswebcensorship on Mar 8, 2011

How to bypass Internet censorship? – The Future of Circumvention

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