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Mother Nature 3 - Crop Circles and Nature

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Crop Circles Exposed - Mother Nature Hi, this is mother nature and I am here to speak about crop circles exposed there are many crop circles that are currently manifesting in this world that are of human- manifestations that are man-made just to get the and just to get a clean slate there are no- aliens or visitors from other planets that are manifesting crop circles in this world, firstly the first reason is they don't exist any longer and secondly those the 'alien forms' that do existed are currently under government control and there are no interdimensional spaceships anymore flying in existence therefore, there are specific crop circles though that are being manifested by 'nature' itself by me, as existence now how does this work? it works in the following way I, as all of existence come together as one singular point, ok? together in one singular manifestation in this world and then we imprint ourselves - unconditionally in, and as crop circle manifestations now how, the imprint comes out? don't know because the imprints are the manifestations of the expression of existence as one so I will be doing and going throughly through, crop circle manifestations I will be able to exactly say which ones are man-made and which ones are imprinted as the expression of all of existence, in one singular moment why do we do these imprints because see, the expressions that come together at one singular point manifestation of a crop circle manifestation which is the expression of existence and nature as one as equal comes together and imprints because that imprints is then imprinted within and as the manifestation of this world because at the moment they coming together in the expression is an interdimensional expression imprinting our expression as crop circle formation manifested this expression in 3D as all as one as equal so therefore crop circles, are either man-made or is an imprint of existence as the expression of all existence as one together as the imprint of the crop circle completely removing- the idea that has been created that crop circles are manifested by beings from other planets or 'aliens' as they are referred to there is no purpose in the for doing something like that in anyway and, besides the point aliens and beings from 'out of space' are intelligent beings they wouldn't waste their time to do silly imprints like that which has no meaning in terms of the imprint myself as mother nature with all of existence as one together made one singular imprint that actually manifest, in this world is to, support all human beings with the universe dimensional beings, nature as all as one within this process of self-revelation thank you very much, this is mother nature More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: PW Botha, Rumi, Janis Joplin CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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