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Haydenshapes - The Shredsled

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So the Shredsled. The Shredsled is the sickest surfing all round sled. It looks like a fish, but it isn't. It has the performance characteristics of a short board, yet the stability and ease of surfing of a fish design. So, to start off, the rocker of the Shredsled is quite flat through the centre of the board, It has a bit of a kick in the nose, the last foot of the board. And the same in the tail, it starts to lift up in the tail once it runs past the wing. It carries a lot of speed through the centre of the board Yet, you get a bit of performance through the rocker out of the nose and the tail. It allows the board to fit into tighter areas of the wave yet with a flatter centre part through the centre of the board it will carry through fat sections and get alot of speed down the line. So, that's the main aspects of the rocker of the board...Ummm In terms of outline, its quite a full nose on the shredsled, with that rocker it allows to still fit into the curve of the wave. and then the tail, in the outline, what we're running here is a winged..flier..thing. which releases the water flow. It goes from a tucked rail, so you get connection with the wave face, to a boxy round tail. With that outline in the round tail, there is plenty of curve so you can always seem to fit the board into tight areas of the wave. yet this straighter part of the board through the centre and releasing off at the wing allows me to carry that straighter centre rail line to futher back in the board. pulling the tail in a bit tighter. So that's the outline of the board. We've talked about the rocker. And, the volume of the board. Most of the volume is situated in the centre part of the board So, it flows out the nose, and flows out the tail. Sort of copies what the rocker is doing. so it blends quite evenly. The rails on the Shredsled are designed at the front, they are a fullish sort of rail, yet they have a tighter radius bottom edge to them so you get better bight, control and performance in the wave face. The Idea of the sled is at this tail part running into the wing is quite a tucked rail running into a sharp edge. and what that allows the board to do, is sit down in the wave face. When you ride the Shredsled, you want to flow with the board, it doesnt like to be pumped, and jumped up and down on. It likes to be flowed, and using the rocker to generate your speed and it keeps you really connected to the wave face. You can actually ride the shred sled in slightly bigger conditions than you would expect to ride this style of board. and yet with the rockers and all the area in the board, it can still surf all the fun little beachies. You normally ride the Shredsled 4 - 5 inches shorter than your normal short board and 1/2 - 3/4 of an inch wider than your normal shortboard. Finsystems we run with the Shredsled; mostly Future Fin systems HS fins, Vector 2 foil hex core fin. We do offer it in the FCS as well as glass on fins, and also 3,4 and 5 fin configurations, what ever you like to ride. Obviously i'm showing you in the Fiberflex board here, but it is also offered in PU too, or custom orders. Our stock sizes are 5'6, 5'8, 5'10, 6'0, 6'2, 6'4 and 6'6 and we generally keep them in stock too. Thats it about the Shredsled!

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Posted by: noods on Sep 9, 2010

The Shred Sled is a fish design tweaked to be an all-round surfing board. The unique outline allows a full plan shape, yet a wide round tail is positioned behind the wing to give plenty of performance and curve to fit into all types of waves. The foil has plenty of volume, yet it is shaped to allow the board to sit in the wave face creating a very smooth, connected feeling. The wing breaks this connection and water flow to give response and release when you want it.The rocker is flat in the belly, giving the board flowing speed, yet it kicks late in the nose and a little in the tail. The deep single concave in the front end of the board blends into a double vee out the tail behind the front fins.

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