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"My name is Van Darkholme. What I am about to reveal to world will put me in great danger. But, the truth must be told." United states and South Korea have decided to use an assassin to destroy the North Korean tyrant. The chosen assassin will use his sexual power to overcome "the supreme leader". For this mission to be successful, The allies declare this has to be the ultimate rice on rice action. Thousands of soldiers compete for this coveted mission!!! One will be chosen to take down the world's villain. Only the strongest will survive The assassin must have potent sexual appeal and expert edging skills. He must mastered the art of self sucking. The troop cheers for the chosen one! Humble and determined, I am off to save the world... Penetrate deep in Southeast Asia Using my straw hat to contact headquarters: "Commander, after living undercover as a rice farmer for 5 years, I am ready to walk to North Korea." I am disguised as a North Korean soldier and ready to take down the dictator with my sexiness. My location: 20ft inside the North Korean border. Hot North Korean soldier is flirting with me. I can't help myself and blow my semen way too early. "Why did he waste his hot sexiness on my border guard?" "I'm a nice guy. Don't you like panda bears? I would love to take his semen" "Wait, that's Van Darkholme. Nice try America!" "Yeah... nice try America!" "That was a close call. I believe that semen was meant for me." "Very clever America... but what about me?" "Van, you are still America's treasure!!!"

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Posted by: hoganvk on Apr 4, 2015


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