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Oshun Journey Video 2020

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Oshun's Adventure On our planet, more than 2 billion do not have access to safe water. It is surprising that in Africa we hardly talk about water points, when 2.5 million deaths occur annually worldwide due to water-borne diseases 2.5 million deaths. Oshun has digitalised its inclusive social project Water kiosks are directly connected to Oshun's Dakar HQ by GSM network The collected information: volume of treated water, state of the UV lamp, water temperature allows supervision of kiosks in real-time and accompany the kiosk entrepreneurs in the maintenance and servicing of the machine. Innovative water treatment in two ways: Firstly, a double-filtration then a neutralisation of microbe-organisms by UV rays. This technology gives access to safe water in a simple economic model of an inclusive social business. Access to potable water in a rural context and by developing our water kiosk network with the franchisees and and participation in local development. It is our pride that our indicators include job creation and job creation for females. A simple application on a smartphone allows everyone to join the adventure either as a client or as a franchisee. We have seen that previously there were a lot of diarrhoea cases after people consumed the water we made comparisons and saw that there were lesser diarrhoea cases than before. Do you want to hear the singing of healthy children? Oshun was created in 2017, after two years of humanitarian projects in Africa We work in Senegal, Burkina Faso and head office in France She has the ambition of providing services in West Africa especially in the Sahel zone.

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