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Compassion In Action

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Compassion in Action We came to Seeds of Compassion from three different corners of the world, from India, Guatemala, and South Africa. We wanted to learn more about compassion because... because we only had a concept of the word. Compassion is such a broad word. We wanted to know how other people experience the word compassion and how they put it into action. By putting out positive energy is what people really need to do... and smiling. That's one thing you really can do, you can smile. How do you promote compassion in the media? By not featuring Britney Spears so much, and Paris Hilton, and their lives when they really should be covering the true, real stories of what is going on in our world. What do you think about the Dalai Lama? The Dalai Lama is also a peacemaker. Can you tell me briefly about the Dalai Lama? I don't know a lot about the Dalai Lama, not a whole lot. If you could ask one question to the Dalai Lama, what question would you like to ask? Oh that's a good question. I think, how does he emulate that feeling of that genuine happiness, the smile, that pure inner peace. We had our best chance to hear from the Dalai Lama during his interview with the musician Dave Matthews, when the Dalai Lama praised the women about their goodness. Females, I think are more fit for compassion work. Now the time has come. Females rule. We are a gathering of grannies Urging you off of your fannies We're raising our voice We want a new choice No more war! What I see is the Dalai Lama talking about compassion and we have an opportunity in our country for the first time in my life I've been here for 44 years, of really turning it around. When he said about "love your enemy," Bob Marley has lines in this song your best friend could one day be your enemy, and you enemy could be your best friend. I think that it's that time now, today is that time for change. We need it. We want it. We use it. We love it. Werner Lhamo Phuthikhaya Mentors: Jeff, Phil, Galen Compassion: we need it, we want it, we use it, we love it. Bridges To Understanding A product of: Adobe Youth Voices

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Duration: 4 minutes and 37 seconds
Year: 2008
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Posted by: richhenry on May 2, 2008

Student created views and interviews from the Seeds of Compassion event with the Dalai Lama in Seattle, April 11-15, 2008. A project for Bridges To Understanding:

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