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Imam Mahdi Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi addressing to a huge gathering in Lahore 2 of 7

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He said that I’ve been spy in your country. I used to teach Quran to your children. I also lead your Muslim people to offer their prayers. I’ve also remembered some of the Verses (Surahs) If there was Light (noor) in Quran, then why I could not be a Light Bearer (Noori)? All of a sudden one Christian spoke that I do recite your Quran day and night I also did not become a Light Bearer (Noori). We said you people didn’t recite it with heart They started saying ok, we didn’t recite with heart; your Muslims do so Why they are not Light Bearer? Why they call one another Infidels, Hypocrites? What was the answer for this? The Light Beholding Quran is in the chest of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] That contains Light beholding (noori) words. If that Chest touched with the chest of anyone that also became the light beholding And this Quran is written with black words (black ink). These are only words; Light has to create out of these These are mere words. Now, how light (noor) is formed? When iron strikes to iron, spark is produced; water strikes with water, electricity is formed The same way when the verses of Quran strike with each other; the Light is formed Now, you would have never hit verses with verses and the people who did so became Aamil Some people count the rosary. Chant Allah, Allah with beads Without rosary Allah, Allah can be chanted Why they chant Allah, Allah with the rosary? They synchronize Allah, Allah with Tik, Tik 101 times when Allah Allah is aligned, then a tiny spark of Light originates They chant Allah, Allah 10 or 20 times and ask, “How are you brother?” This way the continuity breaks, isn’t so? When the rosary is counted 101 times continually then only a tiny spark of Light (noor) is created. The Light that originates stays in Fingers only Those who worship with tongue chant Allah – Allah recite Quran and the Light (noor) forms this way also it remains outside of the tongue, does not go inside. Such type of rosary is within you. As this does Tik – Tik the same way there is a continuous happening of Tik – Tik inside you. The Tik – Tik which is within, align Allah – Allah with it. When Allah – Allah is aligned with it, then with that chanting of Allah – Allah; the Light forms. Then that Light neither stays in fingers nor lives outside but enters straight into the blood. From blood it goes in veins and traveling from veins it reaches to the souls. Then those souls, after awakening, start chanting Allah – Allah this way that Light enters into every vein. That self (nafs) is in the navel. That Light (noor) surrounds it all around. The food which goes from outside burns with the heat of Light (noor). That was a Nafs-e-Ammarah (the commanding Self or the carnal Self). His shape was like a dog. Then because of noor it gets the shape of an ox. After that with excessive Light it takes the shape of a male-goat. Then with more Light, its shape becomes alike that person. Then, when that person offers his prayers, it (Self/nafs) offers along with. Man swings in Zikar; it (Self/nafs) chants with him. Then he (Self/nafs) is taken in the court of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] That time Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] and people sitting at that time in that gathering greatly admire him. Blessings for him and for his Spiritual guide (Murshid) purified the dog and made it a Man and bring him to this gathering. This time Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] gives him some prestigious status. Mujadid sahib (Mujadid alif sani) said that The Follower (Muktadi) should first chant the name of Allah; then, he should recite Quran He said that Quran is not for those people who’s Self (Nafs) are like dogs. Once the nafs get purified, then he should recite Quran; this way the Quran will make it way to the heart. That time “one moment of thinking is better than 100 years of worship” The Quran said “HoDalil Mutta’keen - I give guidance to those who are purified”. When the chanting of Allah purifies him, then Quran enters inside. Then those black words which were written in it will shine with white light (noor). For this Allama Iqbal said “Apparently he looks to be a reciter, actually he is a Quran himself”. When his Self (nafs) purifies, actually he himself is purified. Only one thing was impure, which gets purified. He is purified in whole. If he was a common man then he had found guidance from Quran. If he was a scholar too then he became Light upon Lights (noor ala noor). He is said to be the Godly scholar (Aalim-e-Rabbani). These were the scholars who converted infidels into Muslims. The insult of such scholar is actually the insult of Islam. For this type of scholars Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] said that “The scholars (Aalim) of my Ummah are just like the Prophets of Bani Israel” And the people, who tried to seek guidance from Quran without being purified their self (nafs) first, get misled and this way 72 sects came into being. Those people are called Aalim-e-Sue (worldly scholars). They can’t convert infidels to become Muslims. They can call Muslims as non-Muslim. The Godly Scholars eradicated the Dispute (Fitna) wherever it happened And these Aalim-e-Sue (worldly scholars) raise a new Dispute everyday. There is a Hadith for these (worldly scholars) "Be fearful of and stay away from the ignorant priest (scholar)” Companions [RA] asked “a Scholar and Ignorant, too, simultaneously”? Prophet PBUH replied “whose tongue speaks the knowledge but the heart is ignorant (dark).” This is a stage of scholars. Next stage is of Momins (one who attain the light of God inside) Now, what is the status of a Momin? When Allah – Allah gets started inside him The Light of God (noor) accumulated in his heart. It is mentioned in one Hadith Sharif that "this Apparent is the reflection of the Hidden" There is system of electricity in the Apparent while system of Light of God (noor) works in the Hidden. Here is lying a mobile phone. The electricity waves raises and you talk someone in America. And if somewhere there is Light (noor), if its wave rises up then where it will approach? God has made a telephone inside you. This heart is a telephone but it has no power. It has no power. When the power of Light enters in it; then it is connected to Arsh-e-Mo’alla (the highest realm-the Throne of God). When, Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] went on Meiraj 'the Night of Ascension' Allah gave Him {PBUH] prayers as gift to give these gifts to your Ummat. They will call me five times a day and in return I’ll remember them. Now those gifts came down --- those gifts of prayers/salat --- for God. Now, the same gifts became the apparent prayers of someone and became the (Namaz-e-Haqeeqat) Reality prayer for someone else. Allah said to Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] QulHo’Walla’Ho Aahd; “say God is one” Prophet [PBUH] said Aameen ("So be it; truly") Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] said to people say "God is one" Those who said Aameen ("So be it; truly") became Muslims And those who rejected become infidels. Those who said half-heartedly called to be Hypocrites. Now to whom a Muslim says? that "Say God is one" says every day, says moment by moment, says mildly in low tone Says that "say God is one" This is the only point. The whole debate ends in this one point. He addresses to his heart that say God is one. The heart replies --- ‘there is no flour at home’ Then says "Allah us’Mud" the heart answers ‘wife is sick’ "LamYaLid WaLamU’Lad" the heart replies ‘you’re getting late from the duty lets go" Here Bullah Shah Said “Your heart is playing with children; that in real you’ve played a fraudulent with God” You are playing fraudulent with God. Infidel’s tongue doesn’t admit; Hypocrite’s hearts do not confirm and bodies of the Liars do not act. Now tell? Your heart was indeed a hypocrite! This prayer is called Prayer of apparent appearance (Namz-e-Surat) And this prayer is also a show off. How this is a Show off? Offering prayer since long with complete devotion and involvement. People are saying that he is offering since long time. God says, “No, I see neither his beard nor his bowing, I see only heart and intention”

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Posted by: theallfaith on Feb 1, 2010 His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi delivering a lecture to a huge gathering in Lahore (Mochi Gate).

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