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Goodbye Iulia

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So here we have the volunteer's board There are some relevant pictures about so many activities that the volunteers have organized in the last couple of years You can see here, the volunteers have lots of fun when they're in the hospice. And that make me really glad They do face paints and summer activities like holiday club They helped us in organizing fundraising stalls or a marathon like last summer They attend courses, we have one at the beginning of the year like volunteering in palliative care They learn how to do play therapy with kids with terminal diseases But it's a lot of fun. They do leave but they also have reunions at Christmas. In the summer we go somewhere in the mountains and have a barbeque and something play pin wheeling games. It's really really fun. Most of our volunteers, some are really really young, around 20. They're in high school or college. It's just a good way to make friends and meet new people. This is how most of our volunteers started working in hospice, at first there's a period a month or three months when they don't actually get to work in direct contact with the patients They do, lets say, the low jobs as in watering the plants or feeding the fish or staying at the reception For some people it may be really boring but I spent the first 2 months in hospice doing that so now I'm really fond of watering the plants Something like that And it's really embarrassing (laughter)... ..when you have a new volunteer and you just have to show them around because this is what you do at first. I'm Laurentiu, I work here as a fundraiser at Hospice Casa Sperantei I know Iulia for tons of years We had an experience of summer camp this year It was very emotional quite of times And she's keen on helping kids She's a can have fun with, but you can work very well with her They thought we are together after the camp David: So she's your wife? No, she's not my wife David: Not even on, is she your Facebook wife? Is she your wife on Facebook? No, no, no. She is going to be my wife in 6 years after she's finishing the high school. Not high school, the college Everybody says this and she proposed me to marry after 6 years and I said, "OK, 6 years, I'm good with it." Finish the school and then we'll see. Here we are at the children's floor in pediatrics It's a really special place for me in the hospice because this is where I spend most of my time as a volunteer and it was my favorite thing to do It's very hard to explain in words unless you see the actual kids having fun around you Before that I thought I like kids as much as I like cats or chocolate cake But after working with a 3 month baby or people who are of my age but look a lot younger because of the illness and feeling that I'm much stronger than them, not only physically and that it's my duty to protect them made me feel like a mother for a lot of them and I guess that's what each and every girl volunteer experiences while working with the kids It's not only the pain or the illness, it's the way the whole society treats them especially that we're talking about Romania because we don't have such a thing like palliative care in our national health care system. And hospice thing is a whole new thing for them They're not accepted in schools most of them They don't have friends in the neighborhood They can't play football many of them And when they come here they don't come to the hospital, they don't come to the hospice They come to have fun with their friends I guess this is one place in the hospice where volunteers really do feel that they do make a difference I'm a social worker, I'm coordinator of social department I met Iulia when she was just a volunteer and she's a very very nice person and very kind I select her when I organized camp and she do a very good job there David: Is she good at watering plants or is she bad at watering plants? Sorry? (Speaking in Romanian) Laurentiu: She watered our souls, not only plants in hospice She's a very nice person. (Speaking in Romanian) David: Laurentiu says that he wants to marry her in 6 years Yes, I know. In this camp they... David: Do you think he has a chance? Um... (I don't think so) I think because Laurentiu is very nice Laurentiu: Oh, thank you darling She has very recent memories about Iulia and this year's camp about how Iulia is able to get every person to laugh with her from every social class or age to get in contact and to make good relationship (Speaking in Romanian) This room down here we have the babies and the patients that can't move at all and volunteers sometimes help with feeding them or singing lullabies or by short short signs of affection. Hi I'm Anna. I've known Iulia now for 2 to 3 years When I first came here a couple of years ago she was volunteering at the same hospice club that I was doing for the terminally ill kids in the hospice She's absolutely brilliant She was 17 and you would think how mature she is she was about 23 The kids absolutely loved her. She played games, she was so enthusiastic She absolutely loved the hospice She also took really good care of us English volunteers as well Then I came back this year and she was the volunteer coordinator, which I was so happy about Again she took really good care of us We had so much fun with her and she's a brilliant person In these last 2 weeks I've really bonded with her and I'm really sad that she's leaving But I wish her all the luck at Cluj and I hope she becomes a doctor and then comes back to work here David: Laurentiu tells me that he's going to marry her in 6 years, is this true? I hope they do get married in 6 years, there's definitely a bond there so I think they should get married David: Apparently some people already think that they're together. I actually thought they were together and he's been on holiday this week and she really missed him so it was really really funny And he came in today, he's hilarious, when he comes in the morning he's like "hello" and she loves it when he comes in and it's really exciting and they love each other. Really, they will get married Many of the objects these kids have made It's really fun to do crafts with them because even though they might not use their hands properly Even though they're in a wheelchair Even though they can't speak fluently They're really really smart and sensitive kids and very creative And sometimes we only give them the materials and a slight idea and they just do the rest It was for us very special because we knew she was a very good student in high school here in Brasov And she was always happy to give her extra time to the hospice It was really exciting to find out she got admitted to the medical faculty of Cluj because she had several very important awards What we have, like national Olympics in Romanian and biology and she had all sorts of very nice and very impressive studies that she's done even as very young David: Do you think that she'll come back to the hospice when done with her studies? I'm sure she'll come back and what I expect is that she will always have her heart here in the hospice She was already planning to see whether there was any place in Cluj where she could help as a volunteer She's really unique in the way she tries to bring people towards the hospice I can even imagine her that someday she will be a doctor and still come back as a volunteer to the hospice Unfortunately I'm going to stay in Romania but somewhere in Cluj which is somewhere in the northwest of the country. It's a university center and I'm going to a medical college now And maybe one day I'll return to the hospice as a doctor

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Posted by: oso on Sep 26, 2009

A farewell video for Iulia, the volunteer coordiantor at Hospice Casa Sperantei, who is heading to medical school.

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