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Business Fights Poverty - Rethinking Collaboration for Social Impact

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[MUSIC PLAYING] -Zahid: Our mission is to bring people together to move the needle on the world's pressing challenges. Everyone has a role to play, a piece of the puzzle to bring and so, we just want people to get involved. -Andy: What I like about Business Fights Poverty is the way that they bring together people from NGOs, from business, from governments, therefore, it brings in quite different views to tackle some pretty pressing challenges. -Barry: Poverty is still somewhat the, you know, the forgotten challenge within sustainability. Over 180 million people are active on social media, talking about climate change but only seven million are talking about poverty. Unless everybody in our supply chain is being successful, in the long term, we can't be successful either. -Zahid: We run a series of challenges and we really define a specific problem what to deal with. And once that's identified, we then creates a high-energy approach that brings in all these amazing talents from across the network, to help move a needle in a particular issue. -David: No one entity has all the answers. No one sector has all the answers, so when you get the challenge arrangement working really well, then you start to play ideas off, you start to create, co-create and that way, you can tackle some of the intractable things that on your own, you can't possibly deal with. -Richard: I think the framework of the sustainable development goals helps you all go for something bigger and also, helps people bring in their various pots of money. It's truly important to keep that hope and trust a lot however we can, if we work together and make a real difference. -Jane: I think you always get an enormous amount of energy and passion and ideas when you bring a group of people together who care about what they're doing. -Phil: I think quite simply, Business Fights Poverty is enabling the dialogue to happen by bringing the various different groups together and then, I think having the real conversations. When we think about how to solve health-care problems, these kinds of dialogues are exactly what you got. -Nina: It's really important that this organization, on what we're doing here that there's a focus on creating the safe place and that's what's happening. -Henriette: I think the Business Fights Poverty Forum helps us to talk about mistakes and actually to at least, make new ones and not repeat old ones and I think that's very helpful. -Barry: You go to invest the time to build relationships or trust because fundamentally, you'll never going to get anywhere unless you build trust. -Yvette: People have been really inspired to connect with each other. They're having conversations about how they can partner, the shared challenges they have and the shared vision of where they want to go. -Alpesh: It's inspiring to see so many people talking about poverty and how things are going to change, how things can change. I didn't realize there was so many people working on that. -David: One of the reasons I'm here is that by creating a subtle but important changes in how business works and how business collaborates, I know that we start to make a much bigger difference to how we exist in society and fundamentally, that's what motivates me. -Zahid: Yes, I saw the world's biggest pressing challenges. We need everybody involved, so we invite all of you to join us in tackling these issues and in particular, join one of our challenges. We have a whole range of challenges that are running at the moment and you can get involved in any way you want. -Yvette: We are so excited to already be thinking about Business Fights Poverty 2018. It’s just going to be absolutely amazing. We're going to step up our game again. -Zahid: And you have even more opportunities to make connections that will make a difference. Register now for Business Fights Poverty 2018 to get an early bird discount Video produced by beinspired FILMS

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Business Fights Poverty - Rethinking Collaboration for Social Impact

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