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Sita Sings the Blues (Full Movie 720p) Part 3 / 10

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I'll miss you. It's only a 6-month contract. I'll be back before you know it! Ravana was the evil king of Lanka and he just stole Sita. He was an incredibly learned man. Actually the only bad thing he seems to have done... capture Sita. Kidnap Sita. Which is kind of interesting because capture Sita. Kidnap Sita. Which is kind of interesting because everything else about him seems to be, like he was this really learned guy, he knows all these weapons he prays to the right Gods, I guess... so all this stuff! He's like this Good King. Except that, over time, we've been led to believe he's this complete... that he's like Mogambo. That's right, he lived on an island also! He was a devoted Shiva-bhakta. and he plays - - all these instruments... Veena with his intestines. With his intestines? Yeah, for Shiva. There's this whole thing about how devoted a fan he was and he's asking Lord Shiva for some wish and, you know, he is basically playing Veena with his intestines. It's hard to fell someone like that in battle, because what is pain to a man who plays Veena on his intestines? Nothing much. What I'm really impressed with is he was the king of Sri Lanka. No, he was the king of Lanka. It was Lanka. It's called Ceylon. It's the same country I think. Well the point is that's what we think. They built the bridge. The bridge still exists, so NASA images says. Really? NASA? It must be true then! Maybe they saw them on the moon! Isn't there a Suruphanaka story? Suruphanaka right? Surphanaka. I'm messing up her name. God, they're gonna be after me Surphanaka is the one with the really ugly nose. Surphanaka. But she was Ravana's sister. Ravana! Rama has slaughtered your Rakshasas in the forest. You must take revenge! Don't do it, Master. Rama is powerful. Sister, do not bother me with your petty concerns. Dear Brother Ravana, have you seen Rama's wife Sita? She is the most beautiful woman in the world. Her skin is fair like the lotus blossom. Her eyes are like lotus pools. Her hands are like, um, lotuses! Her breasts like big, round, firm, juicy lotuses! Make Sita your wife, Ravana. Steal her from Rama! Don't do it, Master! I'll hear no arguments from you, Mareecha. You must help me at once. Transform yourself into a beautiful golden deer to distract Rama. While Sita is unguarded, I'll grab her! Sita WILL be mine! hahahahaaaa! What a beautiful golden deer! Oh Rama, won't you capture it for me? I don't know, Sita. It could be a trick! Oh Rama, pleeeaaase? All right, Sita. You ask for so little and give me so much. But promise you won't leave the hut while I'm gone. The forest is dangerous. I promise! Oh Rama, I love you! I love you, Sita. Love was blind to me, now it's kind to me, Love has opened my eyes. Since it came to me, life's a game to me with the sweetest surprise. I never knew how good it was to be a slave to one who means the world to me. I loved that man from the start, and way down deep in his heart I know he loves me, Heaven knows why and when he tells me he can't live without me what wouldn't I do for that man? He's not an angel or saint, and what's the odds that he ain't with all his faults I know he'll get by I'll be so true to him, he'll never doubt me What wouldn't I do for that man? Oh, when he lets me lean my weary head on his shoulder I close my eyes right there and wish I never grow older I'll never leave him alone, I'll make his troubles my own I love that man as nobody can I'm just no good when his arms are about me What wouldn't I do for that man? What wouldn't I do for that man? I'll never leave him alone, I'll make his troubles my own I love that man better than I do myself I'm just no good when his arms are about me What wouldn't I do for that man? Oh there's not a thing I wouldn't do for my man. That's all! But you know what Sita does then? How she actually is able to tell these people where she drops her jewelry along the way. And that's how they were able to find her. It went all the way to Lanka. How many times did she drop the jewelry? She was wearing a whole lot of jewelry in the forest. I mean, no, remember, she's not wearing any jewelry 'cause she left everything before she left Ayodhya and she came - - oh she left everything? Right, she just came in her Sanyasi clothes. Don't challenge these stories. She's gone. I told her not to leave the hut! Oh how will I ever find her? Sita! Sita! Oh Sita, what has become of you? Actually, the origins of Hanuman... All these demons were attacking the Earth and supposedly all the Gods and everyone went to Vishnu and said "Please help us, please help us!" So Vishnu said he would be born on Earth as Ram. But he was born as Krishna also, this is very confusing. That's dasavatar, 10 incarnations. So...the 10th one is the last one, not come yet supposedly. So anyway, he said that what we'll do is, Shiva will be born as someone who helps him. So Shiva... is actually, Hanuman is an incarnation of Shiva. Oh I didn't know that. - I didn't know that either. And, so Hanuman is actually born with the sole purpose of eventually meeting up with Ram and help him. Like that was the reason for his birth. I will help you. Who are you? I am Hanuman, the Monkey Warrior! Son of the Wind! I am Rama, Prince of Ayodhya. Let us be allies. I shall be your servant forever. Now go, find Sita!

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Sita Sings the Blues, by Nina Paley

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