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Pai Joaquim - Senhor da Mente 01

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Let's go today to the item 19 Frequently in this world... the men whom had discerned in fact the truth regarding the vital totality ... the Cosmo. Thanks to there own efforts they become free of the malignant trends. Before... talking about the text itself... We must to understand what MALIGNANT means. Malignant has nothing to do with badness. and nothing do to do with these things you call malignant. The good is God... and the love! And loving is universalism. Is the universal. Thus... The bad is the ego is the individualism and the egoism. So... like Krishna... from this point we can say what Krishna teach... the one who reaches... the straight understanding, that is, the one who becomes the master of his mind, the master of his ego, instead of being slave of it, FREQUENTLY free oneself from the egoism. The egoism does not happen in acts, in actions, but the egoism happens inside the intention... with which you live... the acts and the actions. So... Krishna is telling us, that FREQUENTLY, the one who become... master of his mind, participates in the actions without egoistic intention. That is what means the text that the daugter read. But there is one more thing... that we need... let's say like this... pay attention. Krishna does not say. ALWAYS... Krishna says: FREQUENTLY. Sometimes... many times, but not always. This is an important issue that we... must understand. There are a lot of spirit that became humanistic that by omission... will ever get free from egoism. As Krishna teaches on the "Bagavá dos Ita" Nobody can act against one's own nature. because... one's nature is an element of karmic action. The instrument of the karmic action. So... you... or some who are elements... by mission predestined elements… to live with an egoistic intention in order of living this way... serves as karmic instruments for others. These one can win the ego, and can start controlling the ego. But never... the intention... during this incarnation the intention... the egoistic intention will disappear. This is only for us... to put in our mind still another thing. There is no standard for the raised one, Nobody will know... if the other one is raised or not. Because the elevation occurs in the inner As Christ says: " The Kingdom of the heaven is inside of each one!" So, many times... you will look at someone and your ego will say: "Look!... that woman there will never raise herself." And she is already raised! So. This is still one more raison for you.... never emit opinion on anybody. Adilson asks: "Is that what happens with Hitler, for example?" Noooo! Hitler is not an spirit. Hitler was a character. And... we do not advance like this... as I said... nobody will ever know which spirit has evolved or not. So, I am not going to be the one who gossip. Well, Adilson says that this month... inside an spiritualist magazine, an article says that he was The Antichrist And Telma Portão adds... "Wooohh Joaquim, it is so goo to listen that!" It can not also be.... let's say... as an excuse for you! Pay attention on what Krishna says. The person who gets the elevation of his mind the one who gets the control of his mind. So, first gets the control Then you can say: I control my mind, even though there is an egoistic action. So. This is mission! Let's continue so... Only the being is the master of all beings. mainly the human beings And he is the one who leads by means of the straight perception, and the straight understanding... of the welfare and inner peace. Great... Great thing! Only the being is the master. Mainly the being in other human beings. Sons... Stop calling someone Master. Stop following daily pay-mounted doctrines. It takes you anywhere... Only the spirit, the being, is the master. And the spirit is nothing that you can understand. As the spirit of the truth once answered. For you the spirit is nothing. So. Do not accept... any other human being... as a master. Do not accept... because... this... incarnated being...

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