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David Harvey - Las crisis del capitalismo

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Ok, so we have been through this crisis and there are all sorts of explanatory formats out there and it's interesting to look at the different genres One genre is that it's all about human faulty I mean, Alan Greenspan refuged in the fact that 'It's human nature' he said 'you can't do anything about that' but it's a whole world of explanations the kind I say as 'the predatory instinct' it's the instinct from astray it's the delusion of investors and greed and all rest of it There is a whole range of discussion about that because the movie learned about the daily practices on Wall Street we can figure that there is a great deal that is true in all of that The second genre is that there is institution failures regulators were 'asleep at the switch' the shadow banking system innovated outside of their purview and etc., etc., etc, and therefore institutions have to be reconfigured and it has to be a global effort by the G20 something of that kind So, we've looked at the institution level and said that's failed and has to be reconfigured. The third genre is to said 'everybody was obsessed to the false theory' and it's time we actually go back to something like Keynes or we talk seriously on Hyman Minsky's theory about the ... instability on financial activities So we need to reform a theory, if you like The next genre is that it has culture origins Now we don't hear that much in the Unites States but if you're in Germany or in France many people there ... 'this is an anglosaxon desease' 'and it's nothing to do with us' and I've been in Brazil and when I was going on and Lula was kind of saying 'Oh! Thank god United States is being disciplinated by the equivalent of the IMF' 'we have been ... eight times in the last 25 years and now is their turn' 'Fantastic!' said Lula

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Posted by: dzigavertov on Jun 21, 2010

Video del geógrafo marxista David Harvey sobre las crisis del capitalismo.

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