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Westone Custom Musician Monitor Earphones - Overview

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♪♫♪♫..............[Music playing] We're here at the Westone booth. Westone specializes in making custom earsets for in-ear monitoring. A lot of you may be using the, uh, less-expensive earphones. Kind of the consumer stuff like comes with iPod...or maybe even gone with some of the higher end products but are still concerned about how much noise is bleeding into the headset. Or the tone just isn't we're with Dale from Westone. Dale, how can Westone help? Well basically we, uh provide custom-fit products as uh, as was stated here, and so a custom fit provides a consistent fit and seal that's not always possible with some of the universal fit products that are out on the market. Uh, and a consistent fit and seal is important for sound isolation, uh, for hearing conservation. Obviously if you have a loud stage, being able to reduce that stage volume is important for the individual musician, as well as the congregation. So, by reducing the volume by 20-25 decibels, and having that consistent fit and seal, it allows you to really maintain the quality of sound at a reduced volume. So how do you get a custom fit? I mean do you, do you order 'em custom or what happens? Well, what has to happen is you have to have an impression taken of your ear. And so, an audiologist is recommended because they're trained in understanding all things ears, from the hearing conservation to also taking impressions. An impression is basically..uh..what'll happen is they, you go into an audiologist's office and they will insert what's called an oto-dam, and it'll block the ear canal and they, so that they can then inject material into your ear to make an impression. [Ron speaking] So then they go ahead and take that. Send it to to you. You make a mold out of ithat...[Dale} "That's correct." [Ron] Then what happens? [Dale] Well, once we've manufactured the custom-fit product, depending on what that is, and we have the a new product called the AC2, which is a dual-driver, fully custom-fit, uh, ear monitor... Uh, will work with any personal ear monitoring system on the market. It's very affordable. Uhm, well once we've manufacture that we ship that back to the, the customer and then that is then used for any in-ear monitor system that's currently on the market, personal ear monitoring system. [Ron] Okay, so completely compatible, even with my iPod? [Dale] "Yeah." [Ron] With any in-ear monitor systems. Do you have an example of the AC2? [Dale] Yes, the AC2 [Ron] Okay [Dale] Uh, right here this is custom fit to my ear. [Ron] Okay. [Dale] Uhm, again it's a fully custom fit. Uh, let's take...[Ron] Now....see how that is a custom? Can we zoom in on that and take a look. That's a custom fit. Okay...[Dale] And it's, uh custom fit to my ear. uhm... [Ron] Okay so that's all molded in then? [Dale] "Yes." [Ron] It's not a separate thing that plugs in. [Dale] "Exactly. Fully custom fit with all the components bound inside a full custom jacket." [Ron] Okay so this is the same thing the rockers wear on stage. [Dale] "Exactly. Yes." [Ron] Okay, so what kind of isolation can I get from this versus a standard foam-type insert headset? [Dale] "Well the honest truth is depending on the design of the universal-fit ear foam, uh, but you can get 20-25 decibels of sound reduction, and that's what you could expect from a custom-fit product." [Ron] Nice, nice. Okay, so what that means is I get a clearer sound. I don't get as much interference from the rest of the stuff that's happening on the stage. [Dale] "That is correct." [Ron] Fabulous! Alright Dale. So that's it from the Westone booth here at Christian Musicians Summit. ♪♫♪♫..........[Music playing]

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Custom-fit earphones allow you to maintain the quality of sound at lower volumes. Everybody's ears are a little different. That's why sometimes non-custom earphones popout of your ears or move out during a performance. When earphones move out, more sound from the stage bleeds through, resulting in you having to turn up your monitor, which can be dangerous for your ears. Custom-fit in-ear monitors by Westone completely solve this problem by giving you earphones made just for your ears. This can achieve a reduction in sound level of up to 20-25 dB, while giving you clearer sound.

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