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s4e10 clip 3

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One time he forgot... His bike, so I had to... -I had to... -You had to...? -But we'll text -Yeah, we will -Where are you going? -To the A-building -And you? -To the B-building -Yeah? -Yeah -What is it? -Nothing, is there something? You can go first, because you're so embarrassed of me -I'm not embarrassed of you! -You're embarrassed of me... No it's just... People... You are embarrassed of me... Ahhh... no I'm not! I have like this bad feeling... I have this nervous, sinking feeling -Because girls are good at side-eyeing -But you're the best at it, so you'll win over all of them But just think if she invited me to fuck with me or something That won't happen, she just wants peace, right? It's like this... declaration of love to invite someone to an Eid celebration What exactly is an Eid party? What do you do? Is there any alcohol? -You can manage one party without alcohol -Yeah -I was just asking -Yeah, sorry, but I don't think there's going to be any alcohol -But I'm probably coming anyways -See you there! -Hey, boys -Where have you been? Where the fuck have you been? -I was just at McDonalds... -McDonalds? You sat alone at McDonalds? -No... Yes... -Totally alone? Is that so fucking-- Imagine him, sitting by himself, eating a burger at McDonalds What the fuck is up with you? It's McDonalds... -Where did you get the money? -I was just wondering the same thing I borrowed money From who? Julian Dahl... -Ohhh...! -The ATM... I don't get why you don't like Julian Dahl. He's rich! It's always about money! He doesn't even know Jonas and he can just ask! I saw him go to school in a suit once, that's a bit weird -Fucking Julian Dahl -Julian Fucking Dahl [Hey, this may be a bit far out, but you dated Eva once. I'm crushing a bit on her, but I don't really get her, from one bro to another... ... do you have any advice? Like what kind of flowers does she like, hahaha] -Hah! The fuck? -What's up? Okay, I just got a message... from Penetrator Chris! Penetrator Chris? What does he want? Listen... "Hey, this may be a bit far out..." Yeah, I think so too "but you dated Eva once" -Yeah "I'm crushing a bit on her, but I don't really get her, from one bro to another" Bro? "Do you have any advice? Like what kind of flowers does she like haha" -I love that ending... ending the message with "hahaha" -Are you bros? -No. Why should I give him advice? -Why not? -It's Penetrator Chris. He's not good enough for her -I think he's pretty hot, though No. Eva is like up here, and he's like... -Hi! -Hey, Mahdi? We're buying Sana a gift to show her how much we love her... ... and we don't really know what and I was wondering if there are any Muslim traditions... ... for what to give as a gift on Eid? Uhm, I'm Catholic... -Oh... Sorry... -You don't have to apologize Who should I ask then? If you want to tell Sana how much you love her, tell her in a card! -Or what, baby? -Yeah! Vilde? What's up with Chris and Eva? I don't know, I think they're just sleeping together. Eva is maybe a bit in love with him, but... ...I don't think he's keen on something more -Bye! -Bye! Give me a kiss before you leave! -Bye! -Bye, baby! But fuck! With Penetrator Chris. I think it's brave of him It's brave to send a text to the ex and ask about flowers Yeah, yeah. Do you think it's like Vilde said or is he serious or just fucking around? I actually think it was awesome of him to text you. People change and maybe he has changed! People change! It's pretty awesome to text the ex and ask about your girl I don't know... -It was pretty brave and it seems like he's serious... -He was talking about flowers! -Who's the last person you gave flowers? -My mom -Yeah, yeah, yeah -You won't get a lot of flowers from Mahdi, at least -He's an alright guy -But if Eva doesn't like him and he likes Eva, just let it pass He has to let it go Yeah, but he's not like he seems. Remember when we had that beef with Yakuza? All that planning was me and Chris and I found he was an alright guy He was the one who wanted to stand up against the biggest douches in all of Oslo -He had your back? -Anyways, it turns out he was a really nice guy and... [Fuck flowers, take it down a notch, just ask if she wants to watch Fresh Prince and eat nachos or something] ... and we thought "fuck it," let's try and take them on -Were you keen on him? -No, no, no, but... -Was he the one who knocked that guy down with a bottle? -No, that was William -Oh, William. Oof -Poor guy -What happened to the guy after? -He deserved it. He's the worst cunt in all of Oslo -Did he pass out? -Almost. I was in the middle of the fight... -Did YOU fight? -Yeah, I fought this rich preppy guy from Bærum Who won? Is it fun to have beef? [Hey, sorry for being lame, come with me to a party on Saturday?] -They had a plan of beating up everyone in their way, they had to be stopped. -That's fucked -It was fucked! They beat up Jonas! -That's not cool -No! They did? -Yeah, they did! Without any reason! -What's up with your William hair? -This isn't William hair! I'll show you William hair

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