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TLE Class #1 : Importance of Talmud Eser Sefirot

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...That's the advantage of learning the Talmud Eser Sephirot because you don't activate your mental computer, if you don't activate it - it's not there. It's dormant. Potentially, you can have it you learn this and then it's there, all of a sudden why do we say you see thing you never saw before? What does it mean you see thing you never saw before? You always saw the same things but your mental computer wasn't activated to be receptive to it that's all That's why we've been learning Talmud Eser Sephirot because it prepares our mind, it expands our mind it is the only study in the world No other study Not Talmud, not...all the other studies... that can compare, as all the Kabbalists have always said one hour, one hour of the study of Kabbalah is equal to 365 of any other study. One hour? Yes! Because, it expands your mind. This re-activates the mind that was once there. Never will there be certainty, at any time. That's correct. Therefore, the only conclusion we can come to if we want to, if we think that this world could have some certainty to it is to see through what's illusionary and what is certainty to understand what is certainty so even if we cannot see, even if we fall into a trap but I think by studying, this is my opinion, if we study Talmud Eser Sephirot then, the mechanism here is been established to recognize what? Not the probabilities, not the invariables but immediately to look beyond This is to indicate us at least learning Talmud Eser Sephirot through the Ari that we must raise our levels of consciousness, what do you mean we're raising our level of consciousness? We're beginning to see things not as they are, on a physical, corporeal level, but that there are forces there are forces that are operating withing these, so called - physical channels of the human being, the 5 senses. When the Ari was writing this it was not a repetition by Rabbi Ashlag the structure of the Talmud Eser Sephirot, according to the Pri Etz-Chaim, just for your own information, this is not the way you find the Etz HaChaim (tree of life) in the original Ari. But what Rabbi Ashlag did was to take a piece here, that's why it's called Talmud Eser Sephirot he took the Etz Ha-Chaim and structured it in such a way that it would have some sense. The way we learn it step after step the Ari itself, the way it was written was not step after step. ...nothing more and unfortunately, if our consciousness is not raised, and the only way you can ever raise consciousness is through the study of the Talmud Eser Sephirot I know there are many systems out there, and they do raise your consciousness, but everything is relative all spiritual systems raise your consciousness is there a system like the Talmud Eser Sephirot that can raise your consciousness and see things as they really are? ...the fact that we, like every time over the past 12 years whatever we would reveal, two weeks later, three weeks later the New York Times wrote about that concept this has been going on for years now in the science section, I think it's every Tuesday does their New York Times comes out with the science section Tuesday, is it? Every Tuesday, you know we read something and then they would bring me the Times, I never read the Times, what to read the Times for? We got a preview of what's going to be in the Times, right? ooohhh...see, they're talking about this, talking about that and they bring me a book and bring me this... and there're loads of stuff about stuff that we already have discovered What, now? That would be such a revelation That's why Talmud Eser Sephirot, in my humble opinion, is the most dramatic piece of literature ever written because it's bringing the physical reality to where it's rightfully deserves to be in our understanding of what's this physical world is all about

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Importance of Talmud Eser Sefirot

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