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Annoying Orange: Wishful Thinking

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-♪ Jingle Bells, Marshmallow smells ♪ ♪ Midget Apple is really small ♪ ♪ Orange is cool, 'cause he rules ♪ ♪ And Pear looks like a ball ♪ [laughs] -Yay! This is the best holiday party ever! -No kidding. I just Xeroxed my butt. -Yay! It looks like a circle! [both laugh] -Hey guys, you wanna hear my song again? It goes... ♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells... ♪ -Um, sorry Orange. I gotta get this faxed off right away. -[groans] Hey! Hey, Grandpa Lemon! -[snoring] -Hey Grandpa Lemon, do you want to sing along? -Huh? Oh, what? Whoa-what-- who are you? -It's me, Grandpa Lemon. Do you want to sing a-- -[snoring] -[groans] Stupid party. Where's Pear and Passion? They always love my songs. -[giggles] -Hey, Pear! Hey, Passion! -So, uh, you're cool with this, right? -Oh sure, yeah. I just, uh... I don't want things to get weird. -I think we'll be okay. -Hey! What are you guys doing over-- [somber piano music playing] [dejectedly]: Oh! Oh... -Whoa! Well, all I've gotta say is thanks, Mistletoe. -Well, ain't no party like a Mistletoe party. [all laugh] Yeah. -[crying]: I can't believe it. Pear and Passion... [sniffles] I hope they're happy. I wish I'd never been born. -(Mistletoe) Oh now, don't say that, little buddy. -Leave me alone, floating salad. -[chuckles] I'm not salad. I'm Mistletoe. -Your toes are missiles? Is that why you're floating? -Mistletoe floats 'cause Mistletoe is magic! -Whatever, Rocket Socks. Just leave me alone. -Well, I would, but you just made a holiday wish, my friend. -Yeah, I wished you'd go away. -Oh no, before that. A little something about not existing? -You can't make wishes come true, can you? -Where do you think the copy machine came from? -[laughs] This never gets old! -Yay! [giggles] -Saddle up, partner! Hee-yah! -Whoa! Who let the oven on? Whoooooaaaa!! Oof! Whoa... -Behold, the world you wished for, Orange. A world without you. -What are you talking about? I'm the only one here. -Not so fast. Behold! -[snoring] -Umm... I thought this place was different. -Uhh... behold! -I'm so fluffy, I must be made of clouds. Yay! -Uh, it usually takes a second to warm up. One and a-two and and-a... behold! -Uh... hey. Uh... hi. Uh... My name is Pear. -[sighs] -Hey. What's wrong with Pear? -Well, in this world, Pear doesn't have any friends. -Sure he does. Everyone loves Pear. -Not this Pear. This Pear doesn't know how to talk to people. Maybe he needed someone to pull him out of his shell. -Pear has a shell? -It's a figure of s-- -Like a turtle? -No, it's not a real shell. -Like a pistachio? -No, it's... [growls] Behold! -Well... it just seems natural. -Look, I don't think it's a good idea for you to move in. -What? But... but we already live in the same kitchen. -Yeah, about that... -Whoa! Midget Apple's dating Passion Fruit? -Yes, but only because she never met that special someone, because he never existed. Hint, hint. -Is this because of what happened with Grapefruit? Look, I didn't mean to hurt him, I just-- I just lost control. -And there were like 12 of 'em. And they were like these huge watermelons with machine guns, yeah. I took nine of 'em out before the three got the drop on me. -Well, I heard it was just Midget Apple. [record scratches] -That's Little Apple to you, there! -No. It's just that I need my own space, okay? -[groans] -Looks like Passion's got herself a "little" problem. Get it? Little? Huh? Huh? -Wow. I guess I never realized how important I was to every-- -Behold! -Okay, that's getting a little old. [Grandpa Lemon snores] Hey, what's that sitting next to Marshmallow? -Just a little hot cocoa, but I wouldn't worry about--behold! -Whee! Yay! I must be made of clouds! -Oh no! Not Marshmallow! -Whoa... -Nooooooooooooo!!! -Oh, way to cocoa, eh, laddie? -Wait, laddie? I'm not a laddie. -Uh-oh. -And you're not Rocket Socks. [poof!] -I can't believe you fell for that one. Seriously, someone green shows up and starts granting wishes. Come on, Orange! -You're an apple. -No, you're an apple for not inviting me to your party. -Nuh-uh, you're an apple, because... Wait, you did all this because we didn't invite you to our party? -Look here, Orangey-orange, nobody likes being alone... especially for the holidays. -Oh. -So uh... -Wanna call it even? -Just for the holidays and, uh... I still get to come to your party, right? -Deal! -Excellent! [poof! poof! poof!] -Whoa. Marshmallow, you're all right! -I'm better than all right. I'm delicious! -Hey Pear, you're not a dork anymore. -Uh, thanks Orange. -And Passion, you're not kissing Pear. -What? Me and Pear? Eww. That was my sister Mandy kissing Pear. -Hello. -Oh, really? -Yeah. -And you're not dating Midget Apple? -Midget Apple's single? -And how! -Orange, you seem different. What's going on? -I guess... I guess I'm just really happy to have you guys in my life. Even Grandpa Lemon. And I'd just like to say that... Wait, is that cocoa? -Hey, wake up, Grandpa Lemon. It's chocolate time! Yay! -No! -Yay! [all yelling] -Whoa... -Not death by chocolate! -No! That little fluffy guy was my best friend! Oh... no... -Yay! It feels like a hot tub full of love! [giggles] [laughter] [camera shutter clicks, Jingle Bells plays] Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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Posted by: spongesebastian on Dec 26, 2010

Orange wishes he had never been born, and gets his wish!

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