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TLE Class 4: Rav on Israel desire to Recieve

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Okay, so, we understand that without the desire to receive Nothing really begins and nothing is called as having been manifested So where we discuss the first phase the first manifestation, because without that we cannot discuss energy, we cannot discuss "Or Ein Sof" we have no concept What does the physicist say? Only when there is a reaction can I know what action is taking place Ask the electrician. Listen, is there electric in the house? He says, well, if there is a bulb upstairs He says, is the bulb on? Doesn't he know if everything is in order? No, he needs a manifestation. He needs a testing, right? To know if it's working or not. Why can't he tell at source? He cannot tell without a reaction. What is a reaction? The desire to receive. That is the reaction. Action was desire to share. Reaction is desire to receive. There is only two phenomena in this world. Beside the third one which came after Tzimtzum which is called restriction. But essentially there is nothing more than two aspects There are no more than three aspects in the atom Oh there are subdivisions. Look at what we're going through You know what these scientists are going through? Every day he discovers another two hundred particles in the proton. Tomorrow he discovers another seven thousand particles different particles, different particles, in the proton. That's going crazy. Where he's finally almost making the full circle and saying, you know what? Maybe all of these different particles in the proton are all different manifestations of really only intelligence proton to share He's beginning to think like that but he's got to go through this whole thing We're doing that right now We're saying, essentially, what is there? There's only five Sephirot or ten as you want to And we see different manifestations in "atzilut" - "Keter of atzilut", "Chochma of atzilut" But they're all within that frame of reference called: Manifestation, Phase One. Phase one, wherever it appears, will always behave the same way And if we have a Keter of Aztilut or if we have aor if we have a Malchut of Aztilut will that Malchut behave differently to the Malchut of let's say, the world of action Of course it will Intrinsically, it will do this but to what degree it does this is going to be different Do you understand? We have "Malchut of Atzilut" He is going to say now, what is the "Malchut of Atzilut"? [Quote in Hebrew] This desire to receive that is in "Atzilut" which is Phase One, right? Phase one is not the same as you'll find it anywhere else. Why? [Quote in Hebrew] That's what the Ari says. Where does it come from? [Hebrew quote] "To recieve from Keter"... It comes from Keter. What does it mean it comes from Keter? It's pure. What does pure mean? It is a desire only to share. What do you mean? I'm taking. Why is Chochma taking? As we learned in the four phases. Not because it wants to take. Because how else can the light become manifest if there was not a receiving How else can the seed begin to grow if it wasn't planted? But the earth says, I don't want you. For me, I don't want you. But I know how much you want to evolve how much you want your energy, life form to pervade the whole universe so for you, I'm prepared to do this. Now that is desire to receive There is a desire to receive. It wants to make manifest. But for what reason? But it still has that power to draw. If it didn't have that power to draw there would be no manifestation of the light. If the earth didn't draw it could never have the seed become manifested But the earth could say, which it doesn't say because this is the world of action but in the world of Atzilut what does it say? This desire to receive, Phase One for the sake of sharing only for the sake of permitting you to become manifest It has nothing to do with something personal or something to do with my desire to receive Therefore, the Ari says this aspect of Atzilut, of the Chochma of Atzilut the first phase of Atzilut is "Mekabel h'al yedei Keter" (to receive from Keter) meaning that the intelligence of this desire to receive is one of total sharing one that is completely divorced from its own characteristic of a desire to receive That happens in the flash When the flash first becomes the flash first becomes, you know, it begins to appear If you want to be smart and you want that flash because if that flash came to you, by the way it is a flash that is necessary It is a flash that you have to operate with because if it didn't, and was not part of your composite it wouldn't have been there in the first place Because we learned again in volume number two that the furniture does not go to everybody When does the furniture come to the guy who throws it out next day? Is the guy who went with a false desire to receive How is that? How could there be a false desire to receive? I mean it does happen You could be excited. What do they say about a woman, and a marriage and a romance? Best way to kill the romance - get married. [inaudible] What happened? This is the most elemental hypocrisy that exists in living in this universe. Right? Everyone I can tell, well now we're married. What do you mean now we're married? On the contrary. What do you mean now we're married? Things are supposed to be better or worse? Now we're married, now they can be worse. I mean, is that logical? I mean, why get married? Therefore, the expression, the best way to kill a romance is to get married Why get married? I mean, if this is if it's now to lead to the worst that can come out of both of us and now we're permitted to express the worst Do we all live like that? Yes. Where's the logic? Where's the logic? Because the Atzilut or the Chochma of Atzilut was not captured. See, that's why the Ari is telling it to us. Get it established in your mind. The minute it begins, the minute it begins and it flashes something that is there for your benefit, right? The minute it begins the minute you saw the furniture and you go and say, that would really fit into my living room Right? The minute you get that first urge, that's for me For me? I know what he wants For me. You got a problem furniture If you're really hung up on becoming manifest and of course, in the furniture store room, it's not manifested, right? Nobody is sitting on it And the furniture wants to be used, it wants to become manifest So you talk to the furniture and say, I know how lonely you feel here Like talking to "Hashem" (the Creator) like talking to the Light Chochma speaks to the light and says, look, I know how lonely you are Why is he lonely? Nobody pays attention, he's not manifest. Nobody can feel his touch, nobody can sense him. Like the furniture in the show room. Nobody is using it, nobody is sitting on it. What was the purpose of the furniture to be there in the first place? If not to provide the enjoyment and pleasure So for that moment, about anything not only about the furniture, but in your own life the minute something, a thought comes Who, me? No "ratzon lekabel" (desire to receive). None. But absolutely none. But why did it come to me, there must be a reason. The light thinks that by here, it can become revealed. I'll accept it. But if that mechanism wasn't established let's say you go off into a million different areas then you move from this to that, to this, to that. Friends, you shift, everything you're shifting Everything becomes a shifting process How long do people stay with the same thing? Even if someone lives in the same house 30 or 40 years But the shifting process that goes through in their life Children, here, tomorrow gone I mean, where's the stability? Because they've lost the Chochma of Atzilut Then when it comes here already, forget it. It's in your house already, and now you move around everything What a mistake, it doesn't really fit in. After you go through the whole process. You have to go through a process, you can't stand to throw it out. I mean, they don't even let you bring it in and say it was a mistake You can go through a couple of days, a couple of weeks trying this idea, that idea This is what the Ari is telling us that this kind of "Chochma of Atzilut" and by the way, that Chochma operates on every level the same way the first manifestation, the first manifestation in the world of Malchut, all of "Olam Hasia", the world of action the Chochma of Malchut will operate the same way Depends where you are, that's all that he's telling us But he's talking about maybe somebody is in Atzilut They work the same way. He's not going to be discussing Chochma of Malchut the same way because he's going to tell us soon, certain things happen certain changes happen You know, like, if we're in Atzilut we're so close Then why does all of these different doubts and problems and everything that arises He'll shortly tell us why But if you can maintain yourself everything maintain yourself in the world of Atzilut, then you "mekabel h'al yedei Keter" (receive from Keter) [Hebrew Quote] Because Keter, meaning the energy cannot become, cannot share the "Ratzon Lehashpia", the desire to share of Keter is out of necessity requires a "Ratzon Lekabel", the desire to receive it [Hebrew Quote] that the phase of Chochma receiving [Hebrew Quote] via the energy intelligence of Keter What is the energy intelligence of Keter without doubt? One thing "Ratzon Lehashpia", the desire to share

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Rav on Israel desire to recive dvd 042 part2

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