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Six Ways To Naturally Boost Testosterone Levels

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>> Welcome back. You've had quite the ride learning about the science behind male hormone health and sexual function. Hopefully, that meditation helped you undo any brain freeze you might have experienced. So how can you apply what you've learned so far to help men naturally optimize their health and wellbeing? In this lecture, I'll share with you my top six ways to naturally optimize men's sexual and reproductive health. Now this isn't the end-all-be-all list, but it certainly will help you get your male coaching clients on the path to good health. Let's start with the big elephant in the room, belly fat. Weight loss can significantly improve cardiovascular health and vitality along with positively impacting sexual health and function. Recall that, in men, excessive adipose tissue converts to T to estrogen via aromatase which lowers T levels. Obesity is correlated with low testosterone levels. Diet and exercise are the best remedies for regulating hormones, losing weight, and thus optimizing your health, and did I forget to mention, healthy erections. Next, diet modifications, they can help lose weight and regulate hormone production, especially reducing the amount of processed sugars, carbohydrates, and fast foods. Sugar impacts insulin sensitivity levels. It also increases inflammatory markers in the body. Insulin dysregulation, like what's experienced with sugar spikes, negatively impacts testosterone synthesis and production. Numerous studies have shown that diabetic men have lower levels of testosterone compared to healthy controls. A ketogenic diet, which you'll recall is high in healthy fats, moderate protein, and very little carbohydrates or sugars, has been shown to help regulate blood sugar, minimize HPA axis dysregulation, and thus supports sexual health and wellbeing. A recent study in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research reported favorable changes in body composition, performance, and total T levels in young resistance-training men on a ketogenic diet versus a Western diet. But aren't fats bad for you? Not if you're eating the good kinds of fats necessary for musculoskeletal and nervous system health. Healthy fats are foods high in omega-3s and 6s. Healthy fats include avocados, coconut oil, flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, almonds, foods high in omega-3s and 6s such as salmon and sardines just to name a few. Teach your male clients ways to incorporate these into their diets while crowding out sugars and carbs. It's also important to note that fruits are no exception to the sugar rule. High glycemic fruits such as bananas and oranges can create dysfunctional blood sugar spikes. I recommend eating fruits with a low glycemic index like strawberries, blackberries, and grape fruit. To help the body process sugar better, recommend that they eat fruit with some protein like with a shake, yogurt, or nuts. Next is exercise. But not just any exercise. When your male clients hit the gym, encourage them to alternate strength training over cardio workouts when trying to boost hormone levels and lose weight. Studies have shown that incorporating a high-intensity interval training or HIIT workout into one's week boosts testosterone levels, protein synthesis, and regulates blood sugars better. HIIT burns fat, helping you lose weight faster. The best part about HIIT, it doesn't take up much time. A win-win for all. During a HIIT workout, recovery is important. Here's an example of a simple HIIT workout routine that you can teach your clients. Jumping jacks for a minute, rest for a minute. Planks for a minute, rest for a minute. Alternating lunges for a minute, and rest for a minute. Get those push-ups in for a minute, and rest for a minute. Burpees for a minute, and then rest for a minute. Have them do the whole routine 3 times for a total of 30 minutes including recovery time. For clients who are out of shape or new to exercising, recommend that they start with a reduced time, let's say 30 seconds for each exercise instead of a minute. From there, they can build up their time safely. Exercise is so important for boosting T, so help your clients commit to regular workouts by making routines fun and incorporate exercises that they enjoy doing. This can be anything from running sprints to hitting a punching bag. You may need to get creative. Get a grip on stress. In the previous lecture, we went into depth on the impacts of stress on male hormones as well as how to apply meditation into practice. Stress produces more cortisol which robs your body of the necessary precursors responsible for the synthesis of T. It's also the culprit for that annoying belly fat that you just can't get rid of no matter what diet that you try. When your body is under stress, it stores fat in reserves because you're in constant survival mode. Managing stress levels are key to establishing hormonal homeostasis in the body. It also helps you think clear, make better decisions, and keep your cool during stressful situations. To help clients manage stress, suggest that they incorporate low-key exercise, movement, and mindfulness-based stress reduction into their daily routine. Mindfulness-based stress reduction significantly reduces the impacts of stress and has even been shown to promote positive neural structural changes in the brain, like preventing the brain from shrinking, which is another risk factor of chronic stress. Other practices beneficial for stress management include meditation, yoga, tai chi, and diaphragmatic breathing also known as belly breathing. But the best cure for stress, in my opinion, is having some fun. When was the last time you had a good ol' belly laugh? Go ahead and catch some ZZZs. While you sleep, your body is resting and repairing. Testosterone levels and sperm production is most active during sleep. One study showed that getting as little as five hours of sleep can reduce testosterone levels by 10% to 15% in young healthy men. So getting at least six to eight hours of good quality sleep is important in androgen synthesis and function. To help you sleep better at night, give yourself a bedtime routine. That includes turning off the screens, computers, TVs, tablets, phones, you know, all those things that keep us constantly stimulated and busy. We're exposed to more blue light now than ever before. Blue light zaps your melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep cycles. Melatonin is crucial for reparative sleep. Get good exposure to some daylight that not only helps restore melatonin levels but also helps increase vitamin D levels, which leads me to my last tip. Soak up that vitamin D. Vitamin D receptors are found in the testis, pituitary gland, and hypothalamus. Lower vitamin D levels have been associated with lower testosterone levels and more so in obese and diabetic men. Think about it, from an evolutionary standpoint, humans are spending more time indoors than outdoors, impacting the synthesis of vitamin D through the skin naturally. Could you imagine the impacts this has on your health over time? So encourage your clients to go outside and expose themselves to at least 20 to 30 minutes of sunlight per day. If they can't get that much in a day, they may want to consider supplementing to improve their vitamin D levels. As always, if you're going to suggest supplementation, have your clients get their baseline vitamin D levels checked so that you're appropriately dosing the right amount. The benefits to implementing a healthy diet and lifestyle go beyond just what it can do for your sex life. Living a well-balanced life will optimize overall health and wellbeing. Bottom line for your clients who are looking to naturally boost their testosterone levels, eat real food, get some exercise, have fun often, and sleep well. If you're still stuck on ways to help optimize men's health, check out the Facebook page where the Education Team is available to help navigate you through any questions you might have. Thanks for joining me for this lecture and cheers to a healthy life.

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Six Ways To Naturally Boost Testosterone Levels

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