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大家跟我講 真普選 Let’s say: real universal suffrage 謝謝 Thank you 謝謝 Thank you 嘩 這個不是阿鋒嗎? Wow isn’t this Ah Fung ? 為什麼每個POST 都有他? Why is he in every post? 唉 回來了 好累啊 Yo! I‘m back, so tired 嘩 回來了 你臉上怎麼了? What happened to your face? 這麼多膠布 So much bandages 佔中囉 I went to occupy Central 昨天 當有警察想搬走我們的物資時 Some cops wanted to move away our supplies yesterday 「佔中襲警案 警曾涉偽造紀錄」 “Dissident offence cases in Occupying Central Police convicted of forging records” 「撤退!學生無罪!」家長通宵撐子女(讚好)“Demands of Retreats and Protection of Innocent Students” Parents support children over at night (liked) 我撐佔中 I support Occupying Central 呃,你看看,阿達又出新post啦 Oh, look! Ah Da posted something new, 又出了深度文,好棒啊!another article with deep political essence, great! 超正的,看了沒有啊? That’s fabulous, have you seen it? 是阿達嘛 Haven’t you heard about Ah Da? 誰來的?不知道耶 Who’s that? I haven’t heard about him. 阿達都不知道?你們不是吧? Don’t you guys know him? How come? 他超正的,講佔中超到位,快點追蹤他吧 He’s so topping, eminent in his propositions about this political event, follow him quickly. 讓我看看先 Let me take a look... 哇!阿達被人推了上高登了耶 Wow! Ah Da is pushed in Golden again! 哇是啊 Oh my god yes! 還叫他佔中達 They even called him “Occupy-Central-Da” 不如我們建立一個頁面 How about we set up a page 把他的帖子都轉載到這裡好嗎? and forward all his posts up here?

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Posted by: lhsandrew on Apr 21, 2015

Sequence 01

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