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Calculus Video

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I might be too strung out on sleeplessness Overdosed on calculus Started not to estimate Just to find the rate of change Deriving everyday just to get those U acceptances Working so hard I'm floating in and out of consciousness Now we got the power rule I derive with that It's the most important of the five, I believe in that This all started with limits, ouu I needed that They want to see "H" approaching zero, that's where deriving's at I know I miss the other rules, there is no time for that Use the power rule because I am just deriving like that You know good and well that you don't want a problem like that You gonna make someone around me fail a test like that No, don't do it, please don't do it Use the power rule and just get to it Calc got the rule so the textbook gonna show it That's the rules you just got to know it, that's just something you know You know, you know, you know x 3 Yeah you know That the exponent is on the rise Let's try this one guys I even gave 'em a chance to derive: 2x^5 You know, you know, you know I be bringing the exponent down right beside the X Multiply with the two, don't make it so complex Then take the exponent 5 and subtract it by one Put it all together and now it's all done If you don't get it, you'll get a 22 No more acceptances forget Waterloo You better do what you supposed to do I'm like why I got to do all that but still can't deny the fact that it's, true Look at you deriving all those functions Functions students, all these kids sounding like Rishi's children And that's who you think is about to come and make a living I guess it really is just me myself and all my mandem You know the calc boys even got it like that You gonna hype me up and make me catch a 90 like that Cause I live for this it isn't just a hobby like that Once you get calc and try it, I don't even got to explain it, you know You know, you know, you know X3 That the exponent is on the rise Let's try this one guys I even gave them a chance to derive That's just something they know You know, you know, you know I be yelling out Calc over everything, calc on my mind (mind, mind, mind) Tell 'em I improved, it happened over time (time, time, time)

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