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Alice Bailey comes back afterDeath teach: Relationships and Agreements, Soul Mates and Twin Flames?

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Relationships and Agreements 1 - Alice Bailey This is Alice Bailey, I am here to- give perspective of, the difference, within 'relationships' and agreements how- relationships are, the manifested design of, and where 'two minds' relate and, agreement, is where 'two beings' stand as one as equal, in self-honesty 'here' in expression, as who they are, and assisting and supporting each other, 'unconditionally' to not accept and allow, anything less than who each other really is I will first start off by, giving perspective 'of my experience' toward relationships and, my experience within agreement while being, in the interdimensional existence (smile) within the very nature of beingness of myself, according to- my experiences within, 'past lifes' I made a promise to myself and, I said to myself that: I- will Never! engage, within a relationship with a man because, I saw in doing that or accepting and allowing myself to go into a relationship "with a man" as, me having to give up, or give away, a part of myself and, I had this experience within a Life, where the woman was, 'a literal slave' to the man, and 'all that' the woman existed as, and existed for was to cook meals and, look after children go to- fancy meetings, or parties or dinners, with other woman and when they gossip and speak about their frustrations and- (sigh) nonsense! really so my perspective of, a woman- within a relationship with a man, was not a pretty picture (smile) which made me- very very very much afraid of relationships in itself 'and' of course the- whole entire sex part (smile) where having a penis going into my vargina (smile) was not, a very- 'constructive thought' from a perspective of, imagining it even being done unto me- or me even accepting and allowing myself to experience something like that so, I had kind of the, let's say the "old ways" of- perspective toward relationships Yet! fascinating the- the experiences within myself, towards men 'was prominent', I mean I have, experienced that point, where- you look into someone's eyes, and it's as though in that moment 'you just know', (smile) and- everything inside of yourself 'starts vibrating', like (shaking) and you get all- you become like all excited, and, there's this- 'bubbling fluttering' experience in your stomach, and all you want, and desire 'to do' is to spend as much time as possible with this being and- 'in that', that also 'scared' me, because (laugh) I had this belief or the thought that man, somehow had the power to- manipulate, and control- a woman, according to and for 'themselves', to have them, only to have 'sex', or for their own pleasure So, I- whatever I experience within me towards a male and was especially this that I just described when I was younger, within a Life experience in this world in this reality I would, deliberately 'stop' within myself, and make sure I do not see that man again because I believed it to be some form of 'witchcraft', if you want to call it that because I was 'changing', while in the presence of this man! or men within- with who, you know I would communicate with who- I'd meet, and It didn't make sense to me, why- am I inside myself all of a sudden 'changing' experiencing these- euphoric experiences, and so I would, within my thoughts, or my mind in the evenings when I'd, be alone by myself, go over it and that's how I came up with the ideas or principles: that men are, some form of 'witch' or 'witchcraft', that has been placed within this world or reality to- deceive, and manipulate woman (laugh) so, it was quite- quite an interesting experience and So I have (sigh) never 'really', particularly, given myself away, to someone- within a relationship because that's really how I experienced "to be", or how I assessed it to be according to my experience towards relationship, towards 'males' because, the very existence of males, of the whole, male female 'principle' exist as 'relationships' and within the interdimensional existence, I- I met was- is it really meeting? (smile) that is also an interesting question: Do you really 'meeting' someone or, is it that they're just - there! everyone's Here Anyway so, I met this being, 'met this being' and this is now long after process, started within the interdimensional existence in the particular specific 'point' of, 'agreement' opened up and, I specifically looked at this point inside of me, from the perspective of 'agreement' because Agreement is a point where, I am directive within the, placement of me, together with another one and equal as me and, I direct me in the moment So, you can say it's a- it's like a decision being made but it's self-directive placement of self "Here", saying, to another: We're in an agreement and this is, specifically how we're going to be assisting and supporting each other to not accept and allow 'anything less than who we are', here in self-honesty Because, in an agreement "situation" so to speak, I'm not subject to an experience, suddenly, 'igniting inside of me' I, direct myself within the moment within the experience, with another So I decided, "let's do it" and I started, and we started off within an agreement with each other and the, assistance and support within 'self' from that perspective is tremendous my, self-stability self-expression, assertiveness directiveness really developed as me because of me assisting and supporting "myself", within the agreement it's not me giving myself away to or being subject to, sudden flirtatious experiences that are, existing within me where everything, is about 'the other person', this was about me 'Here' Alright, I'll continue in my next interview Thank you Please join us for Discussion: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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