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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~12:46:11 - 13:01:12

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-You can't believe what that guy was doing with his girl! -Isn't that the one? -Which one? -It's not that one. -Okay, the other one. The one left behind? What he does with his girl! He said he was sorry. "Don't do that to me", he said. They wasted time. He said which one is your mother? You're lying. Hey! Look at the big hand here. I'm laughing myself to the ground. That big hand! Edith, where's that ball? It's Natasha's. I think she took it. They'll just follow her wherever she goes. I think they can hear some of these things. The lady who talked to me just looked on as I walked. She just laughed. I didn't do it. ...that's rude... Edith, will they record you as you eat nsima [cornmeal]? Didn't they say that they'll record... Yes. Today I was buying a hard cake right there. Hey, you're stepping on my foot! Who's gone ahead? The white lady, she's standing with Jessie. -Who? -Jessie! Is the other one left behind? Monday is a holiday. Awesome! You're right! No school on Monday. Really? No school on Monday? No school indeed. Is there electricity at school? Was Monday supposed to be... -No school? -It's because of Church. My church. My church? Church of me. What was I doing? -Who? -This! Whatever. Me? He says sometimes I like to tell him. Today I’m going to make her understand. She’s in trouble! Today she’s in trouble! She doesn't get it. She's exaggerating, right? They said, 'Hey look at what she's doing'. You misunderstood. Should I be slapped? And bringing this up at school should stop. Should I be slapped? No, I wanted to ask because I just heard, "Ii, Ii...". Crying. -No, the ones who were crying were Gladys and what’s-his-name... -Fil. Who? They said... They said they all did what? Where did you get the seeds? I have a garden. The bore hole must be fun today. Better for me, I've managed to hit it. -We're lucky we played. -Playing ball is way better. Yeah. Can't they just take our picture? Ha ha! Keep dreaming! Don't I eat everywhere? I like the way they eat, there's salt everywhere. You're the last born. They can hear, they understand everything, they are just laughing. -He understands? -Yes! -But he can't speak? That is because of what's plugged in his ear. -Hey Edith, are you sure he understands? -Yeah. When we make noise in class... Hey! His ears are alert. I told you he understands some of these things. When we laugh, he turns our way. Hey! What's going on? We left school in good time today, didn't we? The sun will still be on that spot when we get home. Anyoni? The child of a Chewa. Child of Chewa? Those fleas are right here, oh my! People just hear of those fleas! If you start, what about them? He stopped and wanted to... The white people first. [Song] "What am I going to do this year?" [Telephone ringing.] Have they started to build here? That's a big bucket. Why did they put it there? I don't know. Who put it there? I think they put it today. Are they building? I think they're almost done. They were building a house, and they could be finishing. If you threw a big stone... Will they follow her home? Vivian was trying to do it like this. -I'm off. -Alright, see you Tuesday. See you! Bye!

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Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
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Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 25, 2008


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