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So the main idea is to create a tool for deaf people and for people who get distracted while listening to music, walking outside, in their headphones and to help them understand their surroundings, especially for the deaf people who cannot hear anything even with the hearing aids. So, for example, when they are walking somewhere and they hear a fire alarm or a train honking or a car, this band or their phone will start vibrating and they will open it and see, oh, there's a car, and they will try to maybe escape or move away, or do something like this. It's like if there's a bomb just blast somewhere the deaf people or somebody who couldn't hear something just walking around, then they can't hear what's happening there. It should be done in real time. To do it, like, real-time, it's like nightmare because of the development, of revolution of the neural networks which can be possible up to some extent because we can, if you have, like, a bunch of training data sets which can train for a while to a set, a fixed set of sounds where we can develop the model which can detect those sounds very accurately. Because I'm from Sri Lanka and we can do a lot of birdwatching there when I'm going around but I don't know what this bird's name is, who is it, where like, where where does it come from and so on. Because then I got an idea if you have some application where we can get the sounds of that bird and then identify the sound if you can correlate it, the sound and the bird's name, and its information and so on, it'd be a really cool idea. But the problem is there's still no solution for do real-time sound detection. To promote our solution we have social media influencers who are ready to help us because for every tenth device we sell we will give one device for free to a deaf person who cannot afford it. So, for the deaf people we're going to have both the band with microphones four directional microphones, and the app. And for other people, we're going to have just the app. For the band we're going to communicate with different institutions that provide hearing aids for people with hearing disabilities and this way we'll reach more people and there's also an idea to do partnership with different companies who sell hearing aids and via them we can get a bigger reach.

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Posted by: sonyarezn on Mar 1, 2018

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