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Real-Time Supply Chain Tracker for Tracking and Monitoring - GPT29

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If your business often transports cargo or products through out your supply chain You know that you need to keep your shipment's condition in check Missing just one little detail like temperature, tilt, humidity, light, or vibrations can cause you huge amounts in fees and penalties. In order to avoid that you need to achieve complete supply chain visibility and make sure your cargo arrives in perfect condition every time but manual asset tracking is quite hard and mostly unreliable and buying multiple sensors to keep track of everything can be really expensive. That's why we created GPT 29 the world's smallest supply chain tracker that will provide you with real time data about your asset's location, temperature, humidity and any sudden motions GPT 29 will make you feel like you're personally overseeing your cargo throughout its entire journey Here's how it works The GPT 29 is equipped with GPS, Wi-fi, cellular network, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE-M, NB-IoT so it can provide you with real time reports of the assets wherever they are on the globe This helps you improve your overall customer service with accurate delivery notes GPT 29 sensors for temperature, humidity, shock, vibrations, drops, and tilt will update you in real time if your cargo gets dropped tilted, or handled in any way. The light sensor will update you of any unauthorized door openings and our location feature will update you on your shipment's exact geo location and the estimated time of arrival. The GPT 29's condition monitoring capabilities give you the ability to improve quality control while preventing potential damage with just a single platform you can enable multiple solutions across all of your communication devices giving your entire team and your customers an easy way to stay connected GPT 29 leverages the cloud to update you about your assets and where ever they are land, sea, or air the built-in 3.6V, 4200mAh, Li-Ion battery will give your device and exceptionally long battery life so you never have to worry about it going dead best of all, GPT 29 can also be customized according to your needs giving you the ability to develop personal alerts with regards to compliance to rules and regulations from country to country, and state to state just let us know what sensors you need and we'll assemble your customized device or devices for you geo location, tilt, shock, vibration, drops light, motion, door opening or temperature, humidity fluctuations we've got you covered. all gathered meta-data will be sent to the cloud for safe storage and updated in your customizable dashboard app as a result, GPT 29 gives you a complete 360 degree view of your entire shipment process and you get to control everything stress free sounds good? then contact us today at

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Posted by: eelinktech on Nov 29, 2019

Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co., Ltd., the leading China GPS tracker manufacturer with world-class hardware and software solutions. They now offer GPT29, the smartest real-time supply chain tracker that gives complete 360-degree view of your entire shipment process, and you get to control everything stress-free. To learn more, visit

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