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..six, five, four, three, two, one... Metallica Radio Network. The Metallica Radio Network is on the air. Welcome to the world premiere of Metallica's "Death Magnetic". With a worldwide release set for Friday September 12th, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo are going to hang out and chat for the next hour about their new release. And now,coming to you live from Metallica HQ, here are your hosts, Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins. - All right! Hey! - Wa-hey!! Hello, everybody. - Howdy. - Hi. How are you? - Ladies and gentlemen, my name's Dave. - I'm Taylor. We're from a band called the Foo Fighters. You're probably wondering why we're here interviewing Metallica today. - Why? - I'll tell ya...James. Because you've just made an amazing record, that everyone's gonna get to hear tonight. People are gonna get to hear some songs off of the new record.But let me just... Let me just start by saying I've been a fan of your band for about... 25 years now, I think. Since '83/'84. Around the "Metal Massacre"/"Kill 'Em All" era. Back...back then. I have been a hardcore faithful fan... ..for that long. Every time you make a record, I'm the first one to go and get it, and I listen to it, and it reminds me why I... keep coming back for the records. This album... You guys, this is your best album... I don't wanna say it's your best album...ever... but it's close. How do you feel? How do you feel? It's about time. - I wanna...I wanna hug you right now. - You can hug me later. We'll get to hugging a little bit later. I mean, how's it... How long did it take you guys to make this record? - How long've you been working on it? - 27 years. Right? - Is it the record you always wanted to make? - Totally. Yeah. For the last two years. - Has it been two years? - Seems like 20. - Thank God I'm free. - Yeah. It's been a long time, but really short. This was the easiest record to make, 'cause we're getting along so good, and after "St Anger"'s near-death was... and the movie... I think we learned a lot about each other, and this movie was the, this... Well, we did make a movie of this too. Why would you not film yourself doing everything you do? Why do anything unless there's a camera on? That's what I always say. - That's the only reason why I get up in the morning. - There you go. Oh, so you found the bathroom can. OK, cool. Well, er, you know, we got along really well, and this was just... an amazing journey for us. A good time. Also, working with Rick Rubin, who... It's the first time we've worked with him. He creates such a stress-free environment. He's really... You guys know him, he's really Zen, he's really mellow, and there's no stress, and there's no "hurry up and do this". Everything... He's open to everything. Every idea that gets thrown... The word "no" doesn't exist. "Hey, shall we try it?" "Yeah, let's try it." You know, so there's a very calm, Zen-like atmosphere, that has been really great for us, the last couple of years, and we also got a chance for the first time, when we made a record, to actually go out and play some live dates, in between recording, and writing, and all this stuff. So you go out on the road, play some shows for a couple...three, four weeks, and you bring a lot of that energy back into the studio and that's really made a difference for us this year, because don't... you're not in the studio long enough to get sick of it, you're not on the road long enough to get sick of it. so you have these two balances that work really well for us. Well, these songs...and listening to the... We heard the new record for the first time today. - About six songs. - Yeah, six songs. And we just listened to 'em over and over. And... It's a live record. You can tell that it's meant to be played live. There's this... There are sections where you just... I could just imagine a field of 100,000 people just beating the hell out of each other...for five minutes. You know what I mean? - It's just out of control. - And in the audience too. But it's... I mean, honestly... What you guys did this time... For anyone who hasnt' heard it, I am really excited. For hardcore fans listening to this record... There were three of us sitting around today, listening to it, and it was just all smiles and air drumming, and, you know... - We're really, really psyched. - Network... Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back. Welcome back to the Metallica Radio Network, with James, Lars, Kirk, and Robert for the world premiere of "Death Magnetic". Hey, this is Dave Grohl. - Welcome back to the Metallica special. - ..and Taylor Hawkins. I don't know. I don't like that guy. Where is he? Find Chris Martin. Bring him in here. Jeez, Louise. OK, you know, one noticeable difference - between this album and the last, has gotta be the guitar solos. - Yes, the solos are bad. - Yes, there are solos. - Let me tell ya. Not only is Kirk back, but, dude, they've...they've let you out of a cage. - Right? Am I right? - I guess...someone had to, sooner or later. It's kinda nuts, because, er...they're ripping and long...hard solos. - Thanks, man... Every song chock-full of ripping, shredding...shreddy rippies... I could not put the wah pedals down. That's what you're saying... You know what? There's a moment on the last song, actually, when there's a... ..which is like the perfect... It's awesome. It's like shaking a bottle of pop. Sample that. I love it. - That was fantastic. - Thank you very much. - I wish I could get that effect on my guitar. - Put me in that talk box, I'll make it happen. So, I read somewhere that...where you... A lot of that stuff is... I mean, did you work on your solos this time? Or it a lot about off-the-top-of-the-head stuff, or what? What happened was, I worked on solos for a long part of the time, and, you know, I just wasn't... I didn't feel like I was hltting it on the head. I just... There was more than a few times where I just threw everything away, and started over again. And after doing that like two or three times, I just said, "Screw it." And, er... And just went for...just total spontaneity, and like playing in the moment, and playing live, which is something that Rick Rubin was trying to get out of us anyway. And so...I just, erm...I just went for it, man. I just said, "Push the button. Let's let it rip and see what comes out. And there obviously were times where I was recording and I'd play something, and I'd look up from my guitar afterwards, and say, "What the hell was that? What did I just do?" I mean, it was just... It came to a point where it felt like I was channelling something else, and I know that sounds kind of weird, but, er...a lot of the times, I just went for total spontaneity, and just like...really just stuck my neck out there and just went for the throat. Well, I think it's one of the things that makes the album sound like a classic Metallica record, because you guys have specific...specific ingredients. The things that you guys...things that each one of you do that nobody else does, and when you all do those things together, that's when it sounds like an amazingly classic Metallica song, - which we're gonna hear another one right now. Now, this song... - It's my favourite. Taylor Hawkins, ladies and gentlemen. Taylor Hawkins' favourite song. Hi. Yeah. This is definitely my favourite song. Are we going to the song, then? All right... - Starts with drums, right? - Yeah, it does. And, er... Whatever! - Boring! - It's called "My Apocalypse". It's the second song I heard. - Is it the second song on the record, or the last song? - It's the last song. - Ooh, yah. - And this one is relentless, and never stops. I like the end. "My Apocalypse". All right, then. ..two, one. Metallica Radio Network. Metallica Radio Network. Welcome back to the Metallica Radio Network and the world premiere of "Death Magnetic". Live at Metallica HQ, with your hosts, Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins. - All right, we're back, with the Metallica guys. - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... Hello. I'm just kinda going down the line here. OK? We got to the solo thing. We touched on the drums a little bit, know, we could do that all night. Yeah. We could have our own little drum circle here, but we'll spare you guys. I wanna come sit over with you guys in a few minutes, OK? Like, drummers of the world, unite. I just have to say, with you three guys, it would be an incredible drum-off. Let's just say that. Yeah, an incredible amount of Advil. Necessary. - Don would be working overtime. - Amazing beat-off, yeah. Robert? - How are you, my friend? - I'm doing great, thanks. - You're doing good? - Oh, yeah. - Erm...correct me, if I'm wrong, but this is your first Metallica record. - This is my first Metallica record. Yes! You're real. -'re no stranger to the rock studio. You've made a lot of rock records in your life. - Correct. - What was it like making this record with these guys? - I wanna know. - It was actually a lot of fun, a lot of jamming, and, er... I was very fortunate to be sort of the middle man between Lars and James, in a lot of situations. - Kirk was actually spending a lot of know... He had to see his child... - Slacking off. - No, no, no. - Not showing up. - He was representing the family. - Other stuff. Water-skiing. - "Abandon ship. Trujillo, take over." - And, er..yeah, anyway. - Yeah, Rob filled that vacuous sort of position, When I... While wife had, not one, but two children. Jeez, Louise. Wow! - Not at the same time. - Not at the same time. I mean, in the last five years we've had, what...four children born, like... Is this a commune, this place? What is this? It's insane. Join Metallica and give birth. The Metallica baby factory is..."Wow! Spit 'em out." "Hello, Family Man. Come on in." It's wonderful. know, it was a lot of fun. We spent a lot of time in that room right over there, you know, jamming, and, er, working it all out. I can say that, you know, sitting between Lars and James in there, arranging a hard-rock metal song is like going to the best school of song-writing you can ever imagine, I mean... - Well, that's like... It's huge fans... - That's a question I had when I was listening to a lot of the new stuff. How do you arrange that stuff? Because the arrangements are insane. But that was also one of the great things that, you of the great suggestions that Rick Rubin actually made. Getting these guys to kinda reunite with some of that energy from the old days. From the old school, and that old school of arranging. And it was a lot of fun, and just to kind of mediate at times...and most of the times it was definitely a pleasant vibe, - and we were having fun, and there were other times... - A couple brawls. A couple brawls, a little bit of head-butting, you know...figuring out the difficult technical stuff, but... - All in all, a wonderful experience, and the scary thing is I just think it's gonna get better. - Awesome. - I agree, man. I mean, it's nice to hear some ripping bass on the record too. - It's nice to hear bass on the record. I was doing some interviews in Europe last week, and some guy looked me in the eye and said, - "This record is like "And Justice For All" with bass. - I'll take that. - Hey, did you ever meet the guy that put bass on "And Justice For All"? - Yeah. And, then...'cause he gave me one of those too. He did it in Detroit. - With bass. - Yeah. - 30 per cent more bass. - Amazing. How do you think I learned "And Justice For All"? Thanks to that guy. Wait, didn't you sell me a CD for $7...? OK... All right! Another winner. Another winner. Another face-slammer. Another winner. Another one of the bunch. Now, you know what? This break, I think, is not... I think this is a short one. So, I wanna save the lyrical questions - for the next long one, because I'm sure... - You're assuming I can remember them. Well, you know, it's one of those things... All right, let's get into it, dude... - No, whatever. Whatever, man. You're in charge. - I mean are you the... That's right. Are you the... Do you like... Are you the guy that carries around the journal, or the notebook, or the thing, and writes down stuff? - Or do you write riffs and then write lyrics? - Or the iPod, or the whatever I write on... - The dictaphone... - Pardon? - Yeah. - Dictaphone? - What did you call me? I used to...used to pretty much have a bag full of napkins and what-not, with just little notes written on, you know... - and half of them would get lost or what-not. Now I just write 'em in the phone, and I keep 'em all the time. - Really? Yeah. Then I can call myself, and, you know, record some riffs. "Riff." - All right! - And then we sit, you know, a year later, and listen to it and go, "Oh, my God!" "What was I thinking?" And then something cool comes out of it, like the last song, or whatever. But, er... - I'm not...I'm not the guy who's writing poetry all the time, or journalling... - I would've thought of you as the poetry writer. You just seem like that dude. At the coffee shop, with your PowerMac. - My beret. - Yeah. - My half-caffeine... - Your soy latte... Because, I mean, it's one of those things where... I mean, I know a lot has happened with you, in the last five, six, seven years, however long it's been. I mean, seeing that movie... We all saw the movie, you know, and that's hardcore. That's a crazy thing... No, but to see someone go through like that whole process...all of you going through that process... That's kind of nuts, and then to have to carry that over again, through another album cycle, and then... You know, and then to go through a whole other record... - I'm sure you have a lot of new stuff to...figure out. - Well, there was a lot of fuel for this record, lyrically. - Because of what we went through. - Sure. Like I said, the near-death experience of Metallica, you know. And so, a lot of this, "Death Magnetic", is kind of revolving around near-death experience, and the rebirth, and the life that's out there, the gratitude that we have, you know, the awareness that...we kind of need each other, more than we hate each other, right, guys? Let's sort this out. This is worth it. Completely worth it. You know, we go places with the key of Metallica. And, er...writing about... - oh...some of the fallen warriors that have passed. Lance Daley, certainly know one. - Mm-hm. And it could have gone that way. You never know. So, writing about... And also, what really inspired me was getting together with Rick Rubin, and getting to know some of the stuff he worked with. Johnny Cash's stuff, and the amazing stories of Johnny. There was an interview he did about his real near-death experience. He talked about the typical...the tunnel, and "I saw it all". And he came back for a reason. - And he saw through new eyes, and just...that gratitude for life. There's something about that on this record. - That's awesome.

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