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Jacque Fresco - Being Responsible (Repository)

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Many people have entrusted their decision-making to government. Bingo! Many people have also given that decision-making to the deity. They create a deity, then they say "He will make the most appropriate decision: prevent my house from burning down, prevent my children from being killed and help us along the way", but it's going to take time for people to take on the responsibility of managing this wonderful gift of nature: the earth water, all the wonderful things we have, top soil and we have to take care of the Earth. We have to assume responsibility. We have brains and the brains can be programmed in many different directions. They can go into the abstract region which has nothing to do with improving our lives. We can invent reasons for nature or we can say "I don't know how nature works" and hold that in abeyance, and try to find out. That's the difference between science and religion. Religion has answers. Many say "The Lord works in strange ways" when they can't account for anything. The scientist says "I don't know," and "What are you going to do about it?" He goes into a lab to try to find out. What's the best shape for a boat? What's the best arrangement for sails to get the most effective movement from the wind? He says "I don't know", so he sets up an experiment and the experiment is truth-seeking but tangibly truth-seeking but philosophy and theology, you sit back on an arm chair. You say "I guess the trees are here to give us oxygen." The scientist says "The trees are here. They produce oxygen and that enables us to survive." Yet, they're not here for that purpose because there are many remote islands that have trees without any humans, producing oxygen. There are many tidal waves that go over islands without people on them, so they're not there to punish people. (Interviewer) Humans are amazingly anthropomorphic. -Terribly so. - Oh yeah, it's all about us. - My mother used to be like that. She used to say "The ant is going home to feed its young", and I said "How do you know that? Maybe it's going home to eat its young." Like the spiders, they mate, then the female eats the male. I'm not talking about pornography. I'm talking about digesting them.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 26 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: William Gazecki
Director: William Gazecki
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Posted by: ltiofficial on Feb 19, 2012

We must assume responsibility for managing the gifts of nature. Future by Design Documentary.
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