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Codrin Stefan Tapu - The Book of Being - Launch Event at Bookfest 2017

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Codrin Stefan Tapu Book Launch

The Book of Being - Reflections

These are a kind of small verbal icons, all centered around an idea, that teach us something about existence, about life, about our souls and minds. The book title is The Book of Being, and is written by Codrin Stefan Tapu.

The author is right here with us, and the best introduction would be for me to read you the text on the back cover

The Ten Commandments for Everybody:

1. The fact that you were born is the most important.

2. If you live with illusions, you don't really live.

3. If you have nothing holy in your life, you can't live.

4. If you don't rest, you can't enjoy anything.

5. There is always someone better and more important than yourself.

6. If you take someone's life, you can't do anything with it.

7. If you think you fool someone, that is yourself.

8. Something that does not belong to you can't really be useful to you.

9. If you lie, that means that you hate reality as it is, that is, you hate your life.

10. If you would rather be in someone else's shoes, it means that you feel there is no place for you in the world.

This is a lot of food for thought, a lot of urges to be better, to develop spiritually, to get closer to our divine source. I will nou ask our colleague Gina Miclos to read some of these wonderfull tablets, so you can realize how important is this text.

I have chosen two of these tablets that I find significant for my life The first is titled "God".

God is the only one that you affirm even when you want to deny. When it comes to God, everyone is right. Believers are right: God exists, and he is everything. Atheists also are right: God does not exist, and is Nothing. God is Everything and Nothing. Everything, because nothing exists without Him, and Nothing, because He is beyond everything. God is not a thing or a person that you can think about or say something precise about. We can’t know Him, and we can’t even feel Him. The important thing is not to forget that He is not “all or nothing”, He is not extremism and fanaticism; He is Unity and Oneness, and not separation. Got is All and Nothing, He is tolerance and acceptance; He is the love of the opposites. Some say God exists, some say He doesn’t. Some say He is this way, some say He is that way. All are right, because God unites them all. But the important thing is not to think about him, but do “what He asks”, that is, give away with modesty. God has not given the same to everybody, perhaps because He wanted us to do what He does: to give. We can't see god, but we don't need to, because we see his traces, like those of a fugitive that gave in silence and remained unseen, like Nicolas, as if ashamed that he gave so much. You can personally ask a Christian monk or nun, or a Buddhist monk, or a Brahman, or a Hasidic Jew, or a Sufi Muslim, and they will all say the same: “I don’t know ‘who God is’. I don’t even care if ‘He exists or not’. He is above the human concept of ‘God’. He didn’t ‘command’ me anything, He promised me no reward nor menaced me with punishment. I only know that I can’t live or die without Him.”

And the other tablet, which is much shorter, is called "All is One".

When you have a hard time, forget about past, present, and future: no past, no regrets, no present, no loss, no future, no fear. Just be. Future dies out becoming present. Present ends up being past. But past does not end. Death is a convention originating in our focus on the present moment. If we focus on the past, death is dying out, because in the past we remain. When we realize that past is alive, we become alive forever more, and our loved ones that passed away are alive again with us. Your birth is your resurrection. Don't be afraid and don't be sad. You are alive, so whatever be, it's all the same, because there is always All.

Thank you very much. You now understand that these are profound texts that put a mirror in front of us and invite us to think more about the essence of this existence. I will now ask the author to say a few words about the way he conceived his book, and about his future books.

Thank you very much. Thank you for being here. I especially thank the publisher, Mrs. Michiela Poenaru, Mr. Vasile Poenaru. I want to tell you something about how I see this book; of course, every reader will do his own reading based on their personal experience. Firstly, it might be read as a small guide to first aid of the soul and mind. People who are experiencing difficult times can find comfort, can find answers and can find a way to their own answers. Also, it is an educational book, because it's a book that proposes a profound reform of education at all levels, starting from preschool years, and even earlier; it is a book that tells us to educate our children and ourselves in a new way, not in the traditional way, that, as you know, has its benefits, has lead to the rise of many civilizations, but also has many shortcomings. For example, the education of guilt, shame, and sacrifice, which is vey widespread. They say to sacrifice for the next generations, or sacrifice today for a better tomorrow; in my opinion, this philosophy leads frequently to failure, because it leads to an unending sacrifice to no avail. So, even it seems to be just a book of aphorisms, reflections, and so on, if read carefully - and especially the concluding chapter - it appears as a lifestyle project for all, a life-changing project that is suitable for people of all backgrounds, religious or not - as you may have noticed from the reading. The book should be read by anyone who asks questions about existence, life, about being; so there is also this educational dimension. I will finish by saying that I want to elaborate further this educational dimension in one of my future books. Thank you very much.

Thank you, and we look forward to your next book. Now, you may want to buy the book and come for the book signing session. The author will sit on this chair and will sign your copies.

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Book launch of the Book of Being, Romanian edition, at Bookfest 2017.

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