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Projecao dos Films

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Our kids have a lot of fun watching films, there's no confusion about it. This film came out last year. There are 2 places where you can see films, but they rob people at the other one and people don't like to go there. Older people prefer here. The money I make I give to my uncle. The money that my uncle gives me, I give to my parents. That is the profit that I earn to pay for school. I work just fine, see, I'm able to buy films for people to watch. First I asked adults and they accepted, and then I talked with the owner of this space. Yes, I let kids watch and there are no problems. During the school year I earn 200 to 300 metacaies [$7-10 dollars] And now I only make about 100 metacaies [$3-4) or less and sometimes not even that. On Fridays I close at 9 p.m. In the morning and at night they come to watch. When I earn money I buy clothes. Do I have a house? No, I live here to watch the equipment. Whatever I earn or whatever I would want to make... we used to make a little house of reed. We used it to buy that, to make it, no one helped us. I like watching films. This is a good thing, and also not such a good thing. Some of our classmates, or even my friends, they watch and sometimes they misinterpret the film. We watch films, yea. I watch them too but not with the idea of wanting to imitate what's happening in the films. It's more to have fun. So I guess there is really no benefit in watching the films, I just watch them to enjoy, to have fun. Because watching films, the time passes, you can watch all day without even noticing the time. We have 2 cinemas here close by in Cumbana. We have the Coconut cinema and we have another one, I forget the name. It's a the foot of Bobo. We don't want to see any kids watching films during school time though. If you go to school, you need to be there and watch films after. We need to be in school.

Video Details

Duration: 2 minutes and 56 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: Mozambique
Language: Multiple languages
Producer: Youth in Mozambique
Director: Youth in Mozambique
Views: 107
Posted by: lraftree on Nov 22, 2009

A film about local cinemas in Cumbana, Mozambique. Original in Bitonga and Portuguese.

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