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Discovering Facebook in 3 minutes

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Facebook is a social network where more than 300 million people join in. But, what is a social network? In real life, our social network is formed by our family, friends, schoolmates, co-workers, etc. It is bigger or smaller depending on the way we add friends into our life. The size of this network changes very slowly due to the people we know face to face. But, what happens with the friends of our friends, or with people who have our same interests and live in other places or countries? Certainly they can also be our friends, and that way we increase our social network. But we do not know them because we do not have time nor place to physically meet up. However the Internet social networks have arrive, and Facebook is the most important integrant. Facebook is a web page where thousands of people are logged. This is realize from a mini website, where we add our profile, who we are, where we study, where we work, what music we hear, etc. As in real life, with Facebook we first relate with our friends, with whom we share messages and photos. But then… what is the difference with our real social network? That Facebook, our network, can immensely increase due to the possibility that all those people we do not know, because there is no time to meet, can surely be our friends. People with whom we have common interests, can share their experiences directly with us. Our ex-schoolmates can find us and pick up an old friendship. Maybe a girl friend of an ex-coworker can be our future partner or we can do business dealings with a member of a group that we joined. In conclusión, this complicated network relation that in real life is imposible to tour, becomes visible on Facebook and it is at our disposal to travel in it. Within a few years after its creation, Facebook has transformed the way in which people are in contact.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 38 seconds
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Producer: Naranjo Osuna Mariana
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Posted by: manukiz on Sep 29, 2014

What is a social network? What happens with the friends of our friends, or with people who have our same interests and live in other countries? And so much more.

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