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2012 The Divine Feminine Doorways to Ascension the Birthing of a New Consciousness part 3 of 13

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.. in that space, we transcend time, then we are timeless beings, it really goes. -Yes Frank. I just wanted to share that I am familiar with what you said here earlier, yeah, when I was a teenager, probably 15, 16, I saw that vision, when I was a boy, of the river of life, and I woke up one morning, ---- like a ------ screen, on my left and on my right, and it was like a waterfall as well, and the waterfall was so magnificent, I just bursted, bursted with tears and joy, as I went through it, that was a miracle to me, and you've just compare it, by what you shared, then, so I am sharing with you that I've that too, it's beautiful, beautiful, endless, endless love, from my studies. Thanks, -You are welcome. Thanks. -Yeah, I'd just like to add one more thing to the feeling any other motion up, and that is not to recreate it, and the way, it doesn't get recreated, it's to change the belief systems. If I have to add any one more motion there, other way we can come back again. -Thank you. I've found too that my connection to nature has changed as well, not just people. If nature is... I used to look at nature and ask for signs through nature, and I don't do that anymore, 'cause I realize that the whole structure of nature is resonating on a particular vibrational level, and the new consciousness that is birthing is beyond that paradigm as well, and so while still talks to me I do not put that emphasis on those signs, or those messages as much as I used to. It's no longer the --- and --- for me, the --- and --- for me is now deep in my own pure heart, within my own being, that is the --- and --- for me. I would like to introduce our beautiful lady Sarah now, so if you would, are you ready to... I hope you are ready, Yes?, come forward and share your wisdom. -Well I was just sitting there, hearing, that there is nothing in my mind to which ---- to talk ---- but there is an emptiness within you, and that sort of emptiness that ---- because I'm daydreaming, and the message that I get within that emptiness is to trust, simply trust, and trust, just recently, yesterday I realized that I didn't cuss anything, --- sometime, cussing things, instead of wanting desiring,

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Posted by: albasilente on Dec 29, 2009

Georges last talk '2012 The Divine Feminine Doorways to Ascension the Birthing of a New Consciousness' that took place at Quantum Bookshop in Adelaide, This talk from July 12, 2009 also includes Sarah and Majette.

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