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Matrix 5- The Secret of MindControl

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Desteni interdimensional interview: Structural Resonance - Veno, Part 5 This is Veno again. so, 'system baby born' wrist braced - (speak slower) - wrist bracelets, arm bracelets..wrist br..bracelets. ok, i'll speak normal, wrist br..bracelets (laugh) Jesus christ! (laugh) wrist brace (laugh)..wrist bracelets, are connected to a sound resonance frequency on your chest, and then your arm..bracelets are connected to a Sound Resonance Frequency on your back, of the system that is also placed there. So then you are a baby system..system baby - born. now you are born, and now you are this baby. ok? now you are probably asking: 'Why are these..wrist bracelets placed' (laugh).. i bet you can't say that three times fast after another, ok?' and why are these arm 'bracelets' placed? (laugh) and why do they've 'specific frequencies' the Systems that are placed in the chest.. and the systems..that are placed at the back. Ok, the chest System Placement, would be for any System to be able to be placed into you, when you're required to be killed. They'd just place-you and lock you down..and you are out. System (phew) easy as that. and..the back system is placed for.. dimensional beings who enjoyed doing implants and experiments on human beings.. and that's where they would inject implants or programs, if they wanna pre-program human being's Minds in the world or influence in anyway whatsoever or direct the world in a certain.. direction, or many human beings in one certain belief know, whatever. That's what they do with the system at the back. and..the reason for that is that, these are like alarms..these bracelets on your arms, and on your wrists.So that, when you..for instance, in anyway, are detected within the grid-line System of the world.. i'll explain that abut 'grid lines' - just now That you are of for instance influencing mankind in anyway in other words your your system, your Mind..your Mind-System which is your Conscious Mind, your Subconscious Mind and Unconscious Mind have been maybe a bit got a bit haywire in someway and that you might be a threat to the entire system of realizing who you really are - then the wrist bracelets will..'alarm' will go off. it makes like ' de deee'I remember that's the sound it made fucking annoying. Excuse the word. the alarm would go off and..the System an Actual System - this is all automatic. The System would come and just go..(phew) lock-in and disconnect you to this Consciousness Existence and all the other systems would like 'fall-off' which is your Conscious and Unconscious Mind locking in your two occipital bone points on the left and right, and then 'you would die' - in the human physical body. So, where was I? quickly: 'grid-lines' grid-lines were that which existed in this world in which human beings moved - meaning: as a Consciousness System you had a specific placement in this world.. and you're connected to a grid-line, specifically on a cross- specifically on that point. Can't tell if my hands go through each other right now but you know that point in the middle of a cross there, like that. and..basically, what is interesting as that when you are born, you have a Interdimensional Mind Consciousness System 'suit' that you put-on. Which contains information that locks-into the grid-line of this world which is your 'pre-programmed Life' So human beings your Life has already pre-programmed before you are born. and when you' the mother's womb, being developed that is this.. that is the..system that develops with you in the mother's womb, along with your mother and your father's information and downloaded systems.. to be able to place-in specifically your Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Mind. So..basically at this cross point, that is your 'Cross-point Placement' in this world. and, from there..your pre-programmed existence is lived out - according to this grid line placement of yourself so, it's like this..your 'Pre-Programmed Life Mind Consciousness System' that was placed inside you..before you are born. How can I say? infiltrates into this entire 'Grid-line System' of the world. so your life is already placed before you..when you are..born. when you are in that little grid system that i've explained, that's where that.. transfusion happens then from your pre-programmed life into this entire world's Grid-line Systems, so that fuckin..(ops) so that when you walk in this world, you walk your 'pre-programmed' Life. Completely, it's already set out, done, completed. and see that's why accidents and stuff happen because accidents are sometimes, when someone's pre-programmed Life and..another one's pre-programmed Life, at one point clashes, and creates like an 'energetic friction' within the grid line system and it requires a discharge..and that's when car crashes.. and accidents..and god knows what happens - or it's how it used to work- So, I was explaining where the system locks-in when you die. If they would have you 'be-removed' - so even your death was predictable. Human beings don't really require to die, did you know that? your body ages because of the depletion of! you know what? Actually the suppression because who you are is Life, is not able to be depleted. It's actually because of the suppression of yourself as who you are, within and as You.. because of the Systems these Structural Resonance Consciousness Systems inside you that is..kind of like 'suppressing-you' and also.. because they become so extensive inside the human physical body, they actually start 'eating' your human physical body essence and the..your human physical body starts depleting and.. the more you start suppressing yourself.. the more the systems take over the human physical body, but that's all only because human beings are currently separating themselves.. from their human physical body, and not standing within and as oneness and equality.. with their human physical body. So, this is Veno. I'll continue in my next interview. Thank you very much More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Murdo MacDonald-Bayne, Francis Bacon, Rudolf Steiner CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Veno through the Interdimensional Portal talking about humanity's enslavement as Mind Counsciousness Systems to keep Consciousness existing without realizing we are LIFE as One and Equal Desteni Productions Desteni

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