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Protect, Control and Monitor Your Data Wherver It Goes

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In order to ensure information remains safeguarded from unauthorized users, data must be protected while at rest, in use, and in motion. With the evolving workforce no longer confined to an office, customers, contractors, suppliers and many others are accessing and sharing critical data from external devices, beyond secure enterprise environments. As a result, sensitive business data runs a greater risk of being compromised, leaving organizations scrambling to keep up with the latest security technologies. Which is why the revolutionary Dell Data Guardian empowers workforce transformation by protecting, controlling and monitoring data – wherever it goes. Let’s take a closer look at how it works. Say you’re collaborating on a new product launch with someone from an outside agency, and need to send them the latest roadmap. You add her to the Data Guardian authorized access list so she can edit the file, as necessary. In haste, however, you inadvertently send it to the wrong contact. You quickly realize your mistake, and resend the file to the correct recipient. Fortunately, Data Guardian protects sensitive information wherever it goes, so you can rest easy, knowing that only your approved recipients can access files. Because your intended recipient was granted access to open and edit the file, she can do so with ease. Just because you've shared the file, however, doesn't mean you've given up control of how the file is used. Data Guardian provides extra precautions to manage how data is accessed. Let’s say for instance, your colleague is considering leaving her current agency, and decides to sell this file to a competitor. She tries to print it, not realizing Data Guardian has built-in enterprise digital rights management, preventing her from doing so. She then attempts to cut and paste information from the roadmap, but once again cannot do so. Unknown to her, Data Guardian was monitoring her file activity. Your security administrator surveying events around the globe, zooms in on her suspicious activity. The admin notices her attempts to cut and paste from the roadmap, which is cause for concern. Playing it safe, he immediately revokes her access, and notifies you, ensuring your company’s intellectual property remains uncompromised. To address the growing prevalence of both incidental and intentional data threats, organizations are seeking new, innovative security solutions. That’s why Dell Data Guardian offers complete, continuous protection for critical information. So no matter where data goes – it’s never without a Guardian. Learn more at

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Protect, Control and Monitor Your Data Wherver It Goes

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