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Learning about diabetes

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...she has diabetes. I don't understand what that was, so I asked about You know what the digestive system is, right Tim? Sure. Your body gets energy from food. But for people like me, people who has diabetes there is a part of the digestive system that doesn't work right the sugars that are in food are carried by the blood to all cells in the body what is supposed to happen is that the pancreas makes something called insuline Insuline acts like a key that opens a lock for energy in your body's cells But for people with diabetes there is not enough insuline or the body can't use the insuline to get the sugars that come with the food out of the blood and into the cells for energy and that's the problem, right? Ok, because the cells aren't getting the energy they need and, just as that the sugar that is not getting into the cells builts up into the blood, that can hurt the body When does she find out she has diabetes? A few months ago, she is really thirsty all the time and she, last week to the doctor I have what's called type I diabetes that's when the body doesn't make insuline. Most people with type 1 diabetes are diagnosed in early age when they're still kids, it can't be prevented and occurs suddenly It can, sometimes, run in families These are some of the symptoms Symptoms are like clues for doctors for type 1 diabetes Can you tell me there is also another dibetes called type 2 diabetes? Most people who have diabetes have type 2 With type 1 the body doesn't make insuline with type 2, the body does make insuline but can't use the insuline to get energy to the cells. for type 2 diabetes and, compared to type 1 but, you can reduce your risk by eating right and by exercicing It's so important, it used to be that type 2 diabetes ..... but now adults are getting it These are the symptoms of type 2 diabetes Diabetes affects a lot of people and cost a lot of money to treat a lot of people even die every year from diabetes or from problems caused by diabetes Problems like what?. Like heart desease, or kidney disease, diabetes can also blindness or amputation Can I catch diabetes from you? No, diabetes is never contagious It's not like a cold. You can't catch it from somebody. But are you to be OK? There is not a cure yet Besides ther will be a cure But I don't have just wait for a cure, I can take care of myself right now. of everybody I exercice, and I have you to help me I help? Aha! By walking with me Walking is one of the best ways to exercice and you are a very fun walking partner You are the coolest But I've be the coolest when you are the coolest My sister is the coolest and she has diabetes I understand a lot more now about what that is and I understand more about how important is to eat right and to get a lot of exercice like walking Walking is one of the best forms of exercice and there is also a way you can help rise money for a cure by participating in the school walk for diabetes

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Do you know what diabetes is?

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