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How Do We Change

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>> Hey, this is Rob Scott, and I'm excited for this program to be a huge breakthrough for you. In this series, we're going to be talking about something called identity shifting, which is a process to dramatically optimize your mindset so that you can do what it takes to overcome your limits permanently. Before I go into what identity shifting is in detail and exactly how to do it, I want you to think about something. I want you to imagine being 100 pounds heavier than you are right now, 100 pounds heavier. Put yourself in a body who's not just a little bit heavier but is much heavier than you are right now. I want you to try and feel the extra pounds on you right now. Really feel what that would feel like. Maybe imagine stepping into a suit that has weights on it, and it didn't allow you as much range of motion. It would be harder to raise your arms, your back would hurt, it would be harder to stand up, harder to sit up and get out of bed. Feel what it would feel like to walk around with 25 extra pounds on each arm and 25 extra pounds on each leg. Now maybe you could do that for a little while, but what if it were all the time? I knew a woman like this, and she was disgusted with herself. She felt unattractive. It affected her ability to do her job. It affected her friendships, her confidence. It affected her entire life. She would have done anything to lose the weight, but for years, she couldn't do it. It was really, really difficult. Now why? Well, she ate because it made her feel good in the moment. And she had a hard time resisting different foods. She felt completely out of control. She got a lot of pleasure from foods, but she felt unable to change. She actually felt totally stuck. All of a sudden, something happened. She hit a final straw. She was absolutely disgusted with herself, and she really decided she was completely ready to change. No more candy, no more cake. She decided no more sugar at all. She wakes up one day fully ready to change, ready to commit to this new behavior that is going to take. And she does okay through breakfast. It's exciting actually, she feels really good. But then by lunch, almost automatically, what happens? She eats the cake. She actually does this day after day. She makes an earnest decision that she's never going to do it again, and yet she keeps doing it again. So have you ever struggled with anything like this? Try to create new behaviors for yourself only to find that you stay stuck. For some of us, it's a workout plan that we have a hard time sticking to or it's a new year's resolution that we just let go after a week or two or getting our accounting and taxes down on time or sticking to a budget or maybe it's crucial sales calls, as an entrepreneur, that we resist because they're uncomfortable and we don't want to get rejected. Change is hard. We all want to feel better, and so we avoid a lot of the things that we should be doing. We all eat the "cake" even when we know we shouldn't. Now why do we do that? There are reasons that change is so hard. There's much more going on here than most of us know. In these lectures, I'm going to share exactly what you need to do to create massive and instant change in your life. I'm going to explain the deepest way to create change and expose exactly what has to happen, so that change can be true for you. In this lecture, I'll be talking about any kind of change, but we'll often use, as an example, changing into a successful entrepreneur. There are two ways we can be stuck when trying to accomplish something like growing a business. First, we may not have the knowledge. You need the knowledge. You have to learn what's important to do. If you don't know how to run a business, it's going to be tough to run a business. Thanks to the Internet, this is one of the easiest things in the world to do these days. Information is not hard to find, and people like you who take courses like this, you're on your way learning what you need to learn to create a huge change in your life. But what about people who learned how to run a business, but they still don't actually do it. The second way that we can be stuck is when we're limited by something a little tougher to deal with. Things like self-sabotage, not being able to take action, we know we could do if we could just get past the internal resistance. Sometimes we get stuck with things like procrastination, fear, different kinds of resistance, self-sabotage, a stuck identity, or self-belief being low. We may say things to ourselves like, "I'm not good enough. I don't deserve it. I haven't earned it. I'm really just a fraud. What if I try and fail? What if I succeed and it's too hard? What if I'm just a mom and not really a business owner?" Maybe we think, "I don't know how all those people I see on social media are doing it?" The second part is what these lectures will shift for you, and it's deep powerful stuff that we're going to be discussing here. But before we dive in, why should you listen to me? Well, my name is Rob Scott, and I've dealt with many challenges. I found out how to make massive jumps and success across my entire life. Just to share a little bit of my story really quickly. I went through major abuse as a child, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse for many years as just a little guy. This abuse left me without the skills to really have healthy and balanced emotions. It didn't feel safe. I didn't have trust for people. I ended up with many, many problems because of this. I started drugs and alcohol, and ended up with really bad addictions from an incredibly early age. By the time I was in my teens and early 20s, I had been institutionalized many times. I was in and out of jails and halfway houses. I eventually ended up homeless. I was a complete disaster. So how am I now sitting here talking to you about change? What happened? How was I able to endure all that stuff? How was I able to go from abuse and homelessness and totally poor to ultimately becoming someone who teaches others how to grow? Well, I had a fundamental shift in my identity. And when I did, I went from being homeless to starting to get incredible results. In just a few years, I became the youngest vice president at a company in Philadelphia. But even then, right when I started to back and figure out my life, I actually got really, really sick as well. I got sick with cancer really badly, and I had to go through an emergency operation and an aggressive chemotherapy for many months. So I know what it is to be seriously dysfunctional mentally, emotionally, and even physically. But after the shift, I literally rose the ranks at a really, really fast rate. I built and sold software companies for that company I worked for. Then I even started a podcast while I was doing that, and I just did that on the side. But I started to share what I had learned about how to change my own mind and how to overcome challenges and endure hardship, how to overcome addictions and behaviors, and getting not only the best out of myself but the best out of other people as well. Today, I'm more than 10 years past working for anyone else. I own my own company, where I coach high-level rockstars in business and in government, and I know what it takes to change. Again, not only changing myself but doing this for other people. Today, I get to live with the love of my life and her beautiful son. I get to travel and change lives. I'm wealthy in spirit and in money. I own investment properties. Instead of being homeless, I'm now a landlord. I run businesses. And here I am, today, totally happy, wealthy, and deeply in my purpose. How did I do this? Well, I changed my identity, and I figured out how to do this, what the systems are. And that's what I'm going to share with you here. So let's talk about some important ideas so that you can manifest profound change in your life. One of the biggest ideas that I need you to take away from this talk is that your subconscious mind doesn't care. We need to look at the subconscious mind because it drives way more of our behavior than we think it does. What I want you to understand about this is that studies show that when you go to do anything, even something as simple as opening a door, the mind subconsciously underneath our decision-making engine, underneath our conscious self, it's already firing neurons that actually move your arm before you even made the conscious decision, it's doing that. Neurons literally start to create the motion toward the door handle before you've made the conscious decision. So it's a really weird concept for a lot of people. It's almost like we're set on autopilot to what our subconscious mind wants to do quite a bit more than we think. Here's something else I want to share with you. Your subconscious mind doesn't care if you're happy or fulfilled. It doesn't care about your desires for pleasure or for growth and for wealth. It only wants to survive. Some of us know this, we get that the base brain wants us to stay safe. It wants to keep our physical body alive. But let me make it clear with an example. Imagine being in front of a moving train and turning around to see that that train is coming at you and that you're stuck on the tracks. You don't have to decide and think about how fast is that train going, do I have enough time to move, should I get out of the way, your body literally jumps out of the way for you. It will move without your conscious thought. Same thing if you touch a hot stove, your hand will move off it before you go, "Gee, you know, I think that's kind of warm, why don't I just move it?" Your body will react to keep you safe, just like it automatically keeps your heart beating, it controls sweating to keep you at the right temperature, it makes you blink to keep your eyes moist. All these systems are in place so that your base body survives. Neuroscience is finding out that the subconscious mind actually wants two things to survive. It wants your body to survive, but it also wants your identity to survive. It needs both the physical you and the mental idea of you to stay alive. If you've got unconscious patterns that are out of balance, you could actually be set so that you're subconscious mind is keeping those patterns alive even if it's not in your best interest. Remember, it literally doesn't care about your happiness. It just knows what worked yesterday to get you to be here today. See, change is dangerous, and so it says, "Let's keep this version of you alive, it worked yesterday." Any time you wakeup in the morning, it thinks, "You know what? This is a win, we're still here," because it's only caring about survival. Let me share an example and this may be tough to go through, but try to imagine with me for a second, a battered woman, somebody beaten horribly. She's shamed emotionally and mentally by this man over and over again. Why doesn't she leave? You may have heard that our motivation is based on pleasure versus pain, that we're trying to move away from pain and toward pleasure, but that's not entirely the whole story. What we're really motivated by on a subconscious level is avoiding pain and moving toward the familiar, toward what is safe to us. The battered woman, she stays not because it's pleasurable, it's not pleasurable to get beat up all the time, it's not fun to be emotionally abused, but for her, it's familiar. Getting out there and leaving that man and not knowing how she's going to pay her own way, not knowing how she's going to survive, that's terrifying. So we don't always stay in our current situation life because it's fun, we often stay because it's familiar, even though it might be horrible and painful, sometimes we'll stay. We're incredibly motivated on the unconscious level to stay in the familiar. Her brain is set to stay and so is yours. All change is potentially dangerous, so we resist it. Permanent massive change requires a change to your identity. To change, you need to shift this subconsciously. You need to literally change what's normal for you and who you actually think you are. Let's go back to the 100-pound overweight woman. Who does she think she is on an identity level? When we get honest, she really thinks that she's a loser. She thinks she's never going to win. She thinks, "This isn't going to work out for me." And even if she tries to change and wakes up in the morning with determination and a real plan, "I'm going to do it today," just like the subconscious mind that starts moving toward a door to open it, she just starts eating the sweets. It starts to go almost on autopilot. It's like her arm is working against her, completely against her own will. She does it because that's what her identify thinks she is. She fails because she thinks she's a failure. She feels so bad about that failing that she needs a little bit of pleasure. The subconscious mind says, "You know what? This worked yesterday, we're going to do it again today." The whole thing, all of it, the suffering, the bad ideas, the whole identity stays alive. The subconscious has to keep that identity alive, "I'm a fat loser who's never going to win." How do we change this? Well, we can create a massive incredible change in her that is permanent if we get her to change this negative self-concept, this identity that she has. What if instead she changed into, "I'm an athlete"? You see, if you get the identity to change, in this example, from I'm a fat loser into I'm an athlete, everything changes because all the behaviors that you want are in that new identity. Once she really believes she's an athlete, really believes it, what happens? Well, what does an athlete do? An athlete works out. What does an athlete do if she eats cake? Well, to an athlete, eating cake is not really that big a deal because she's going to eat healthy later, right? She's going to work out again. This is not a huge failure. There is no huge guilt about it. These new behaviors are in the identity, and here's something really neat, it doesn't take that woman to lose the full 100 pounds before she starts feeling massively better about herself, she just needs to start showing up at the gym a little bit and get a little bit of momentum because happiness comes from our progress. It's not depending on accomplishing some huge goal. It starts in the changing of an identity and showing up consistently within that. Assume this woman loses 20 pounds, she's still 80 pounds overweight, but she now becomes a spin instructor at the gym because she's so into it, and she's a huge inspiration for others because what she's doing and what she's into, everybody really digs it, right? And because of that, her life is starting to shift and get happy. And other parts of her life are getting better too because she's got more discipline, she can change other things now, her identity has truly changed. This is somebody that you'll see a couple years later running triathlons, down the full 100 pounds, ripped and never going back because her identity changed. And here is the deal. You change your identity all the time, you're not your 5-year-old self anymore, you're not your 10-year-old self, but for most people, our identity changes unconsciously. And it usually is changed based on fear and embarrassment and things that we want to avoid. But we can actually consciously change our self-concept. And that's what we're going to do here in this training. If your subconscious is set for failure, you're stuck, but by changing the identity, you can immediately become what you want to become. So how do you want to change? What is the identity you want to have? In the next lecture, I'm going to explain the three steps required to shift your identity and get you started doing just that. Get excited because this is going to be good. I'll see you in the next lecture.

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How Do We Change

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