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video inglés entrevistas montadas v3

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Barcelona is one of the most touristic cities of the world, thanks to its position on the Mediterranean, its monuments and the night life. The touristic offer is very diverse and can be found on the oficial website for everyone to see. Everyone? This documentary studies the impact of the website against the touristic reality and whether its linguistic offer is wide enough. We are from Italy, Rome. I speak Italian of course, English and German. I'm from Chicago I speak English and a tiny bit of French. I'm from Saudi Arabia and I speak Arabic and English. We are from Austria and we speak German. German is our main language. We are from Taiwan and we speak Chinese. We are also speak Taiwanese Yes, it's a kind of dialect. Yes, English yes. But we speak don't speak English with each other. We are from Mexico and we speak Spanish and English. Orlando, Florida. And... "Un poquito de español" and English. I'm just english. "Allora" we came (from) Milan... speak only Italian. We are from Preston, in England and basically only speak English. I'm from the Netherlands I speak Dutch and English, and a little bit of German. London, and English. We are from Bulgaria and we speak, except Bulgarian, English and German and a little bit of Russian. No, I don't know about this website. I do not, no. No. No. No. I know everywhere have something like that, but I don't really know that (one). No no no. We didn't look at it, no. I sort of assumed it existed, but... Yes... I'm aware of it, yes. I think so. It was in the Lonely Planet. Yes, yes. Yes, because we have visited websites about Barcelona. Basically on the Internet We have no plan, we're going for an adventure. We're just walking and wandering. My friends gave it to me before I went. My friend spent like three- four days here. He recommended Barcelona to me and I came. Websites. By Internet, or other websites... But no official, I mean, Government? No, no, no. Kinda wandering and finding locals. We're staying in a different area. We're not around here at all. And we go to bars and we find people who actually live here and ask them what to do. Yes. Yes. No. But i didn't look for it. Yes, yes, lots of information. Yes, we did (find) the information. In my Language. In English. In English. In English. In English, in English, yes. Deutsche. Not that I was aware, no. Dutch. I searched everything in English, so i didn't see what the other languages were. So I don't know, really. Because I'm really used to finding information in English wherever I go, so... English is always available. As you can see, the promotion of the official website is not good enough. But the linguistic offer is not the cause, because the favorite Language seems to be English.

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Posted by: octavaluna on Jan 24, 2016

video inglés entrevistas montadas v3

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