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Book Yourself Solid

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>> The Book Yourself Solid system is used by service professionals around the world. But I first created it in the early 2000s for fitness professionals. And fitness professionals are a lot like you, in that they are Health Coaches. So everything that I will share with you in the Book Yourself Solid system is actually designed for you. One of the reasons that I created it is because so many people who are in service businesses, helping businesses, people who are in service of others as they stand in service of their own destiny don't love marketing and selling, and I didn't really either. You know, I grew up with this perspective that there was something wrong with people who were self-promotional. And what I discovered overtime was that if you're not willing to promote yourself, then you're not willing to help others because you may be great at what you do, but if others don't know that you can help them, then you can't help them, and I know you want to help them, and I want you to help them. So I'm going to give you an overview of the Book Yourself Solid system. Remember, this is specifically for people who don't love marketing and selling. And it's based on the philosophy that there are certain people you're meant to serve and others that you are not. And your job is to do everything in your power to reach the people that you're meant to serve and that's from a philosophical perspective. Now from a practical perspective, I believe that marketing doesn't really get you clients. I'll say it again because I know it might sound contradictory. Marketing doesn't really get you clients, what marketing does, however, is create awareness for the products and services that you sell. It creates awareness for the products and services that you sell. What you do, once somebody becomes aware of you, is what actually books you the business. I'll say it again. What you do, once somebody becomes aware of you, is what actually books you the business. So the Book Yourself Solid system is designed so that you can create awareness for your products and services and then you know exactly what to do in order to book that business. So you will learn, how to promote yourself using the 6 Core Self-Promotion Strategies, and then you will know how to build a foundation for your business. How to earn the trust and demonstrate your credibility, and then how to price your offers, right, in the sweet spot of the potential clients' desires, and how to have simple sales conversations that book you the business. I'm going to go through this a few times so you understand it contextually, because if you understand the whole system contextually, then you can take action on it. If you look at marketing just from a tactical perspective, or if you look at it piecemeal, it can get overwhelming or confusing. But if you understand how it works, then it makes it a lot easier to implement it into your business. So Book Yourself Solid has four modules. And I'm actually going to start with the fourth first because it's usually where most people start. But I don't want you to start there, but I want to identify what it is so you know not to start there. The fourth module is the 6 Core Self-Promotion Strategies. Now the reason that we don't start here is because if you just go out and start promoting yourself using these strategies but you don't have the foundation built, and you don't know how to build trust and credibility, then you don't yet know how to earn the trust of the potential buyer, and you don't yet know how to price your offers, and you don't yet know how to have a simple sales conversation that actually books the business, then all of that self-promotion was for naught. And it's also not that complicated. There are 6 Core Self-Promotion Strategies and you know what they are. Now I have very specific ways of acting on them, but still, you know what they are. Networking, very straight forward. I look at networking as developing deeper relationships with people that you already know which is a little bit different than the way most people think about networking because I think often we meet people, we don't continue the relationship. So there are so many people that we've met over the years that could be beneficial, could have positive impact on our business but we don't keep in touch with them. So networking is developing deeper relationships with the people that you already know. The second core self-promotion strategy is the direct outreach strategy, now that's reaching out to people that you do not yet know but would like to know. And you'd like to know them because you believe that they will have a positive effect on your business. So the first is networking, the second is direct outreach, the third is the referral strategy because so many of your clients will come from referrals. So we want to know how to increase the number of referrals that we get, but these are not new, you've heard them, networking, direct outreach, referrals. Now the fourth strategy is the speaking strategy. It's not a mandatory strategy, it's optional. If you want to go out and give talks on your expertise, it's a wonderful way to earn trust, to demonstrate credibility, and to move a relationship forward so that you can book business. And then, of course, number five rather is the writing strategy. Writing, blogging, articles, any time you can get in front of somebody on the page or on the screen, you're affecting the writing strategy. So number one is networking, number two is direct outreach, number three are referrals, number four is the speaking strategy, number five is the writing strategy, and number six is the web strategy. Now that's a big topic, and we could talk about that for the next five days. But what I want you to know is that you don't have to do as much online as you might think. You don't have to use all of the different social platforms, although they can be effective. Often people use too many of them and just disperse their efforts and have tiny little platforms on each one and don't really build anything special. I've used Blab a few times, I've used Periscope a few times. I really stay away from Twitter these days, yet we have a business that serves tens of thousands of clients all over the world. You don't have to be on all of these platforms all of the time to book business. But there are some things that you need to do with your website so that you can convert that visitor into somebody that you can develop a relationship with and make sales offers that are proportionate to the amount of trust that you've earned. And then over time, you'll book that business if you've built the Book Yourself Solid system and you've implemented into your business. Now let me say this again because it's a very important concept to understand. Sales offers should be proportionate to the amount of trust that we've earned. And that's why if we go out and aggressively pursue these 6 Core Self-Promotion Strategies but we don't have a foundation and we don't know how to build trust and credibility and we don't yet know how to earn trust and we don't yet know how to price our offers and we don't yet know this simple sales conversation to book the business, then they will be for naught. And those are the 6 Core Self-Promotion Strategies. So now let's turn to our foundation. That's the first module in Book Yourself Solid. And the foundation has four building blocks, and we want to put these into place first, it's the first thing we do. It's also what helps you get really clear on your business fundamentals. And the first building block is the Red Velvet Rope Policy. And I'm going to address that in full in a future video. For now, I just want you to understand that the Red Velvet Rope Policy is a filtration system that allows in only your ideal clients, clients that energize you and inspire you, but most importantly, allow you to do your best work because when you're out in the world doing your best work, two things happen. Number one, you love almost every minute of the work you do. It's work after all. There will be some things that you have to do that you don't love, but you will love almost every minute of the work you do. And number two, people will be out in the world talking about your best work, and that's the best kind of marketing there is. So that's the first building block. The second building block is understanding why people buy what you're selling, which of course is essential. And we're going to go into that in a future video as well. The second building... The third building block rather is your personal brand identity. It's actually my favorite building block in the system because you're deciding how you're known in the world. You don't let anybody else do it for you, you decide. And that is an incredibly powerful feeling when people out in the world see you, and they think of you, and they talk about you, and it's just the way you want them to. That's the third building block. And the fourth building block is being able to talk about what you do without sounding confusing or bland or like everybody else but without ever using an elevator speech or a 30-second pitch or commercial. I am on a mission to kill the elevator speech because it's just not how people talk to each other in a service-based business. So if you have a Red Velvet Rope Policy, if you understand why people buy what you're selling, if you have a personal brand identity, it gets very, very easy to talk about what you do without sounding confusing or bland or like everybody else. That's your foundation. Now I can introduce it to you in just a few minutes, but this sometimes takes a month or two to really develop so that it is solid, so it's secure. So that when people step on to it they know that it was built for them. And that is essential because even though they know you've built it for them, it's still not enough for them to hire you, but they'll give you a chance, they'll give you an opportunity to earn their trust and to demonstrate your credibility, and that's where the second module comes in. The second module is about developing credibility. It's earning credibility. And there are four building blocks in the second module in Book Yourself Solid. And the first building block, the standard credibility builders. These are things that must be in place in order for people to step into your environment. You know, if your website is shaky, if your business cards look a little cheesy, if your email address is [email protected], that's not going to get you a lot of trust. All of this needs to be professional, the highest level of sophistication so that when people see how you are representing yourself out in the world, they go, "Wow, that person represents me. That person is just like me." So that's first. The second building block in the second module in Book Yourself Solid is the sales cycle. Now this is the lynchpin of the whole Book Yourself Solid system because remember how you use some of the 6 Core Self-Promotion Strategies to create awareness. When somebody becomes aware of you, they come check out your foundation. Now if that foundation is strong, if it's built for them, then they will move into your sales cycle, they'll reach out, they'll give you their hand, you'll take their hand, and you'll walk them through the sales cycle. And the sales cycle is what builds trust over time. And as you're building trust over time, you're making sales offers that are proportionate to the amount of trust that you've earned. The first building block is all about this initial standard credibility, the second building block is the sales cycle, and the third building block is all about keeping in touch. Keeping in touch from a sales perspective. Not in a networking perspective like we discussed in the 6 Core Self-Promotion Strategies but a sales perspective with potential buyers because in order to move them through the sales cycle so that they will buy what you have to offer, you need to have a way of keeping in touch with them, both one to many and one to one. And that's an effective and essential way of earning trust and demonstrating credibility that you are there for them, that you stay with them, that you do not forget about them. So in this second module, you've got standard credibility builders, your sales cycle, and now that third building block is all about keeping in touch, the fourth building block is about developing information products, not necessarily to sell, although that's very effective too, but information products that help speed up the sales cycle, that allow you to earn trust more quickly, allow you to demonstrate credibility even more quickly because when people see that you can create something that is tangible and, of course, a PDF is tangible, even though it's in the screen, just something that they can see, written, video, audio, that allows you to demonstrate what you know in a systematic way, it increases your expert status. They see you as more credible. And so if you have that foundation in place, those four building blocks, and then also you put this plan for building trust in earning credibility into place. Well, now you're moving people closer to the sales conversation. But first, we got to make sure to make sure that our pricing is in line, that our pricing is perfect, right in the sweet spot of the buyer's desire. And there are elements in the Book Yourself Solid system that address what's called anchoring and address what's called framing. And anchoring and framing are essential, essential components to understanding how someone else sees your prices. So you'll want to go deeper into that when you go into the section on pricing. Now the third or the second part of the third module which is Perfect Pricing & Simple Selling is the sales conversation. This sales conversation should be simple. It should work because you have it at the right time. And there are four components in this very simple sales conversation. The first is making sure that you know exactly what that other person wants to achieve, that's essential. Then number two, once they've demonstrated that they can articulate what they want to achieve and you help them articulate it, it's a coaching conversation, then they should be able to articulate and demonstrate why they want to achieve it because that's where they get emotionally connected to working with you. Now sometimes they need some help getting to that why, the deep reasons. Number one, what do they want to achieve? Number two, why? Number three, you ask them if they'd like help with that. Now maybe they've already told you they want to work with you, you're good to go, you don't have to go any further. But if they haven't said that yet, you may want to ask them if they want someone to help them because it's likely they've tried on their own in the past and had failed. That's why they're coming to you. And if they clearly, clearly demonstrate to you, "Yes, I do want help," then you can say to them, "Well, would you like that help to come from me because you are my ideal client, and I'll tell you why." And when they know that you do your best work with somebody like them, that you are meant to work with somebody just like them, they will say yes to you. But this whole process needs to be put into place, you need to understand this contextually and then build out the foundation, the plan for building trust and credibility, the pricing strategy, and, of course, the simple sales conversation should be mastered. And you go out in the world and you use a few of these core self-promotion strategies to create more awareness, people come check out your foundation. If that foundation is solid, if it's built for them, then you can start making sales offers that are proportionate to the amount of trust that you've earned through your plan for building trust and credibility. You know how to price your offers, that's already done. You know how to have the simple sales conversation, you have it at the right time, and you book the business, and you do it over and over and over again. And that, in a nutshell, is the Book Yourself Solid system. Now in the next two videos, I'm going to go into your Red Velvet Rope Policy and understanding why people buy what you're selling. In the meantime, keep thinking big about who you are and what you offer the world. And I love you very much, not in a weird way, but I do, I love you for being the kind of person that stands in the service of others as you stand in the service of your own destiny. We'll see you soon.

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Book Yourself Solid

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