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The Trappings of the Intellect & Mind. Sadhguru

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you tell me where these two things are, I'll fix them for you I don't know, thats why I am asking you, otherwise I won't ask you I really don't know, but I don't even know they are two or one that's my problem see you go to a mechanic and say please my car is troubling me, I don't know whether it's the engine or the gearbox I dont know whether it's the engine or the gearbox okay you bring your car we'll fix it oh I don't know where my car is what to do? now all these distinctions that you're finding between intellect and your mind is more a studied distinction not an experiential distinction please see this it is a studied distinction a logical distinction experientially you can't separate them isn't it? now, if you're referring to your intellect and mind to put it in more reasonable terms for everybody, I would say probably you're referring to your thought and your emotion...yes? these two are not different the way you think is the way you emote and the way you emote is the way you think it's both true, isnt it? and the way you think and emote depends on what data you have gathered in your life till now the mechanism of the mind is functioning from the data that's been collected over a period of time what input has gone in, that's the way it thinks, that's the way it emotes both are not of any significance how you think is not of any significance because it is not yours how you emote is not also of any significance because that also you gathered from outside people think it's of tremendous significance you know, that reminds me about a week ago, ten days ago I was just driving up from Mysore to nilgris up the mountain these mountains I have right from childhood I have driven up from bicycle to motorcycle to car, I have been driving on this road and I always love these mountains this time when I was driving all the huge wonderful rocks that are there are all painted in huge bad handwriting I love jesus, I love jesus, everywhere I thought who is this man who loves jesus it's always easy to love people that you have not met, isn't it? we always love dead people when your grandfather was at home you were not on talking terms with him the moment he's dead his photograph hangs, adorns your house everyday your gratitude that he is dead, you know we always love the dead from where did you get to love a man who was two thousand years ago when you can't turn around and say hello to the man who's standing next to you when you can't smile at the man who is walking on the street from where did you get to love a man who is two thousand years ago it's so easy to love him because he's not here but this person who's next to you is here and he's so much trouble jesus himself never told you, you love me he said love thy neighbour, isn't it? because that's the most difficult thing to love the person who is next to you is the biggest challenge right now,isn't it? to love somebody who is not here is always very easy so our emotions, our minds our thought and emotion is conditioned by these kind of things now when I say if you experience I was just using it as an example it is possible, that's different but when I was talking to you, I was only talking as an example don't believe that but don't be a fool and disbelieve that now you have great trust in modern science, isn't it? because they have produced results for you science has proved beyond doubt that everything is same energy if everything is same energy what is it, that is not allowing you to experience it that way the only thing that is not allowing you to experience it that way is your intellect because the very basic function of your intellect is to discriminate is to set things apart only because your intellect is funtioning you are able to make out the difference between me and this chair,otherwise you wouldn't know only because your intellect is functioning you know you should enter this hall through this door not through the ventilator or through the AC vent so your intellect is always setting things apart without it your survival is impossible but as you already know your survival doesn't fulfill you so to use the intellect for your survival and to keep it aside when it's not needed takes some amount of control within yourself some amount of understanding as to how this mechanism functions experiential understanding not intellectual understanding if you read your anatomy the medical anatomy you will not know how it functions you know enough to fix the organs, do this do that for disease, but you will not have enough understanding to handle the interiority you need an experiential understanding that's what yoga is offering you we are offering it as a science when I say we have to offer it as a science it has to be perfectly logical isn't it?...yes illogically I cannot teach science to you isn't it? so it is going to be perfectly logical but logic is used as a tool to go beyond the limitations of logic

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 17, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru about the intellect and mind. Sadhguru discusses respective aspects of the workings of the intellect. (SaO85)

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